M*CARBO Brotherhood

Who’s Birthday Is It?


Ok Brothers, I’m changing the title of this thread and let @hunter1916 off the hook this year of his birthday. Don’t be shy, we already figure yer old (or old soul!) So post them birthdays here and give us another reason to party :balloon: :tada: :birthday:


@Boomchucker yeah jb i like to party too but let me know when the music is starting so i can put my ear plugs in :joy:


Boomchucker’s music is ‘awesome…’ Maybe you may want to invest in a quality headset? Unless you are getting CROTCHEDY in your GOLDEN AGE??? Big smiles! :thinking:


@lonewolf im getting crotchedy in my golden age :smiley: do you ever notice most old folks bring earplugs to a young persons party:joy: nothing wrong with boomchuckers music


I am so ‘crotchedy’ lately that I haven’t noticed because it has been quite awhile since I myself have been invited to a damn party… :crazy_face:



Next time I have a party (which may be a while), you will be invited!


Thanks, John… Big smiles! Just don’t know how I will fare in someone else’s sandbox? :crazy_face: lmao



Don’t sweat it. I am hardly a party animal, either. But, clearly, we have some common interests - enough to keep us entertained.

Besides, we still have to figure out where that ‘party’ would be!


Laughing… So true! And if not entertained, sleeping? :thinking:



Next time I am in Ireland, or when you come to the USA, it would be great to get together - maybe even make it an MCarbo party (whoever wants to attend from MCarbo).

I have only been to Ireland once, but really thought it was a beautiful country. I went to Dublin (and surrounding area) and was there on St. Patrick’s Day. I hope to get to visit again someday.


@JohnB ur more than welcome anytime im actually from dublin but moved away about 25 years ago noy in tipperary about 130 miles from dublin i must take and post a photo from my front door great view



Thank you very much for the invitation. Hope you can make it to Florida (where my home is), someday. In the interim, looking forward to any pictures you can share of your great view.

Now, I need to check out Tipperary!


Wow I guess that makes me the Baby of the group as I turn 50 this year. I have noticed a lot of changes. For one, I make noises when I pick up something. I hear a grunt, then it hits me, that came out of me. :joy:
Can’t touch my toes without bending my knees either. My bones ache when it is between 33°-38°F if the humidity is high. Why didn’t you guys warn me about this stuff! :scream:
At least I have my hair! One good thing to be thankful for. Besides the obvious of being able to sit up, take in nourishment unaided, and still remember my name.



Ahhh, I remember my 50’s - back when almost everything still basically worked (well, at least in my early 50’s).

One sign of aging is getting pains come and go with no obvious explanation as to how or why you got them, or how or why they went away.



@JohnB i live just outside a village called ballyporeen where one of your former presidents roots are mr,ronald regan so you may have heard of the place ,there used to be a bar there named after him they sold it to the ronald regan mueseam in california they striped it out brought it over and rebuilt it there and the owners of the bar here where brought over to pull the first pints


that last bit could be in the near future, well you did want to be warned :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


when is MCARBO’S BIRTHDAY we could all celebrate the day



Very cool. Thanks. Ronald Reagan was/is my favorite president (thus far) in my lifetime.

Ballyporeen - another place to check out (learn about - traveling via the internet!).



this is only pic i have on computer at moment its dark when im heading to work and dark when i get home this was taken this time last year



Very nice. Looks very peaceful and NOT crowded!

Are you up on a hill?