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Who’s Birthday Is It?


Happy Birthday and good luck hunting. I’ll be hunting this weekend also. Hoping to put one more deer in the freezer and maybe a couple pigs.


happy birthday!
Ill be 60 in a few months uggh!




Happy birthday & good luck on the hunt!



Don’t sweat it. 60 comes and goes pretty quick. And hey, you might even qualify as a senior citizen in more places (love the discounts!).


60? i remember 60… vaguely… what ere we talking about???


Happy birthday. Have a good time


I’ve been out since 830 this morning I’m now lying down in a corner of a field had a shot at one earlier missed ,I missed judged the distance still have a couple hours daylight left and I be out again on Sunday morning I haven’t had any luck so far this side of Xmas hopefully that will change thanks again for the birthday wishes


I’m back out now. Sitting in a blind. Didn’t see a thing last night. Had a couple little ones this morning along with a young 6 pointer. Here’s a picture of one of the little ones through the scope camera. Have not shot a thing yet this trip.


Anothe pic from this morning.


Happy late birthday hope it was epically unforgettable my friend


got this one for my birthday the only one i had a shot at this weekend but he will make me a good few lunches

@Flogrown @TriggerHappy @DivaMarie @Don68 @Boomchucker @JohnB @SwishaHouse @jeffing65 @Johnksg @Kona sorry if i missed any one but thank again for birthda wishes guys


come to ireland we will make ya feel like your in your 50s again @JohnB


@hunter1916 Happy B-day my friend.


thanks jeff 2 days hunting 1 day working and 1 deer to show for it :smile:


HAPPY birthday you young whipper snapper !!!


it must be somebody else s birthday at this stage :birthday::cake:


@hunter1916 happy birthday mate from down under


thanks mate ,its over now somebody elses turn now
i did bag 1 deer for my birthday


who,s birthday is it next