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Who’s Birthday Is It?


its my birthday this weekend [a young 57] and im going to spend it hunting deer feel free to join me ,my girlfriend will take me out for a meal next weekend. i will let you know how i got on with the hunting on monday


Happy Birthday old man! lol :partying_face: :beers: I’ll be 57 in a few months myself. What is your favorite drink over there?? I watched a travel show a while back that featured County Mayo “forest by the sea”. My dad’s side of the family originated from there long ago - it looked like incredibly beautiful country.


thanks dave im in tipperary and beautiful country here i must take a few photos from my front and back door to show i have only been in mayo once or twice and only passing through i come from the capital dublin moved to tipperary 25 years ago and i would never live in a city again no mater how busy you can get in the countryside your more than likely to be relaxed


forgot to say im not a drinker im a non drinking irishman so normaly a coke or flavoured water @TriggerHappy


I grew up in a rural area and couldn’t wait to move to the big city but after 10 years I retreated back to the countryside. Work is a 3 mile commute passing more deer than cars usually. Love the relaxed, slow paced, crowd free country life in a natural landscape. :chipmunk: :paw_prints: :eagle: :owl::deer: :+1:


@hunter1916 happy birthday bud!


Happy Birthday @hunter1916. Hope your birthday is a blast :gun: (pun intended). Good luck on your hunt. Wishing you the best!


thank you very much logan @Kona


thanks jeremy and thanks for the pun @SwishaHouse


theres nothing like it you must send a picture @TriggerHappy


happy birthday young man!:metal::metal::metal::metal:


Happy Hunting & Birthday! A quick google search… I must say, indeed a beautiful county,Tipperary! I’ll raise 2 fingers of Jameson on your behalf this evening.


@hunter1916 Happy birthday Kieran and may you have many more.:gift:



Happy birthday Kieran🎉
Why 57 is known as ‘young chicken’ around here.:laughing: My marketing dept. won’t let me post my age of even how long I’ve played drums! I’ll never work again.



Happy Birthday, young man!

I am in my early 60’s, so enjoy your 50’s while they last!

Good luck on your deer hunt!


thanks a lot guys your best wishes are more than welcome i dont drink but i have a bottle of jemeson sitting in a press at home so the first one of you guys comes and visits ireland your welcome to have it :tumbler_glass::tumbler_glass: @SwishaHouse @GOBLIN @plaidler34 @Boomchucker @JohnB @GOBLIN @TriggerHappy @Kona @Johnksg


Happy Birthday and good luck on the hunt!


@hunter1916 Have a good One Young Man’ and may you have BackStrap for Brunch !


mmmmmmmmm backstrap, butterfly cut, and wrapped in 2 slices of bacon… with a shot of Hennessy Black, just to knock the chill off…