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Which is the Fav?

I have 2 pistols, both 9MM, both less than a year old. First, is a CZ75 Compact, this is a very well made piece, all steel, no poly, heavy , but very accurate. Bought it because I was told that it’s low bore radius would lessen the felt recoil a lot. (CZ’s slides sit and ride inside of their frames, not on the outside as most pistols do. I don’t find this to be the case, it’s not a flat shooter in my hands, I’m 75 y/o and have arthritis in my wrist. Other than this it’s a great gun in all respects.
My other (MM, is a Sig P365SAS, don’t like the Meprolight sights at all, I find them to be very inaccurate. So I went and bought a regular 365 slide,brand new, on Ebay. It fits perfectly, and as soon as my range reopens 5/5, I will try it with Sig’s nite sights. Thinking of having a local machine shop machine 2 ports into new frame, and using the SAS barrel for more recoil reduction, PS- there really is a difference. If I like it, I’ll have the shop put 2 ports in the regular barrel. Have on order a SAS optics adapter so I can mount a Sig Romeo Zero on it.


Interesting points on the 365.
I like the idea of a RMR option m, who makes the optics adapter?