Where to find the form to ship firearms

Son is wanting to ship his guns home from Hawaii. He is presently in the military and did not know about having to register them with Hawaii when he got there. Now he is ready to do his change of duty station but fears they won’t ship in his hold baggage. Can he ship them to a FFL and to me?


Good question. I don’t know how that works but am interested to find out. Maybe the site that broker guns have info posted on how to ship and who can receive them. Guns.com or Gunbroker.com or maybe just google “how to ship firearms?”

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p.s. It would be totally annoying if you ship to yourself and have to pay for background checks to receive your own guns. :christmas_tree:


There are legal ways of shipping them to himself at his/ your address. Insure them for sure.


Checked bag, locked and cased is easiest for most U.S air travel with pistols or other NFA items. Otherwise UPS works fine for long guns.


I believe he can stilk send long guns via USPS. Fedex and UPS only carry for FFLs these days.

So, pistols as checked baggage or FFL to FFL and 4473 to get them back at destination.

I think I’d opt for the TSA cavity search so I knew my precious’ were wiith me. I’d absolutely attach air tags or some such for everything out of my sight.


Thanks, i missed that change, guess its been a while since i checked.