Where is the trigger spring kit for the LCP MAX?

tap… tap… tap… Is this on? Hello? MCarbo? When can we expect the trigger spring kit for the LCP MAX to arrive? I put your kit in my LCP II and love it. Want to do the same with my recently aquired LCP MAX.


Me Too its been since april already!


Hello, I am the design engineer on this spring kit. I have designed two hammer springs for this spring kit to allow for a choice in trigger pull reduction by the customer, 20% reduction and 35% reduction. There is one production ordered spring that we’re awaiting shipment and saw massive delays from our supplier due to material shortages. To put it into perspective, we finished the spring design in December 2021. The spring kit will be ready for final shipment within 1 to 2 months. Sorry for the delays, but I hope the update explains some of the internal struggles we go through to get new spring kits out to you guys! Thank you for your support and we’re excited to get them out to you guys.


Hope they arrive soon. My sub2000 was shipped there for many upgrades that being one of them. Would prefer the 35% one if available. Glad to m÷t by the way.

Thank you for the reply. Appreciate the information.



I sent an email to help@mcarbo.com to get on the list when the trigger spring kit is available. Is this the best way to know when it can be purchased?

Thanks for the help.

Spring Kit is going through testing is nearing release! Since we had you guys waiting for a little, we also are releasing a trigger for the LCP MAX! They are both expected to release within a month to a month and half! Stay tuned, it is awesome.


Here is the first look! @Marc_MCarbo_Engineer has been working on the perfect LCP MAX trigger for you guys. A must have for the LCP MAX to eliminate finger pinch, much shorter pre-travel, with a crisp break and rest.


I’m all over this! New member so might need help with notification when kit/trigger come available. My wife is skeptical but I don’t see many things that can’t be disassembled & improved, ha ha. I bought the Lyman trigger spring gauge so I can test the pull when the Max arrives. Then I’ll know which % kit to order…

I would order both the spring kit and trigger for the LCP Max. Hopefully, I am on the email list when there are available.

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Product release for the LCP MAX Trigger and Spring Kit are set for release this week! We’re excited to get another great product into your hands. Be sure to let us now how we did with reviews and feedback!


When will the trigger and spring kit be on the Mcarbo website to order?

We will be releasing it tomorrow 11/11/2022 for Veterans Day, will add the link here once it is live!


Thanks for the update.

The link? I’m signed in here but the site won’t
recognize my credentials! Need to purchase
both the trigger and spring kit…

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Try this: M*Carbo LCP Max trigger spring kit


Thank you @Festus

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Well as luck would have it, I ended up getting rid of my LCP Max. That said, I did just order the new trigger for my LCP II.

Strangely enough, even though this forum accepted my
registration, the commercial site blocked me until I
jumped through the hoops to register again (using the
same email/password) – go figure.

Anyway, Festus’ link (and the re-registration) got me
to the site and I was finally able to order both the
improved trigger and the long-awaited spring kit.

Not only was the release of these components
particularly well-timed to occur on Veterans Day,
but my FFL called and I was able to finally take
possession of my brand new LCP Max!

Might be the best Veterans Day gift since coming
home to “The World” from Vietnam in '69, ha ha.

I’ll run base testing today, checking stock trigger
pull, chronographing several kinds of ammo and
doing functional checks on the stock, 10-shot &
two Ruger 12-shot mags.

While awaiting the arrival of the MCarbo kit…

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