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Where Do You Work On Your Guns?



Rick, you will have to post some pictures of this ‘massive man cave’ of yours!!!


A Few pictures of my gun room


@Lowgear125 Okay you win!! That is a seriously awesome work room - well done sir!! :+1:


@Lowgear125 A real man’s man cave!:+1:


Right now i work off my small bench in house or wherever i can find space but am building a 24x20 workshop/mancave which will have dedicated space for my gunsmithing and ill still be able to do all my hydrographic work as well


So is it part of a garage? I see cool car models on the wall.
Wish I can give you a cold can of beer and we chat a while! Cheers brother!


Our old den is my man cave/reloading room. I also have a shop set up in the yard where I can build my ARs and long range rifles.



I am (all out of likes…) I hope that I am not considered ‘too talkative,’ now? Lmao.


Yes it is in the middle of my shop building. Beer sounds good!


I have two adjacent benches in my work shop that is where I clean and work on my guns. One is an old door with the top surface is sheet metal. A cleaning mat and I’m good to go.