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Where Do You Work On Your Guns?



Rick, you will have to post some pictures of this ‘massive man cave’ of yours!!!


A Few pictures of my gun room


@Lowgear125 Okay you win!! That is a seriously awesome work room - well done sir!! :+1:


@Lowgear125 A real man’s man cave!:+1:


Right now i work off my small bench in house or wherever i can find space but am building a 24x20 workshop/mancave which will have dedicated space for my gunsmithing and ill still be able to do all my hydrographic work as well


So is it part of a garage? I see cool car models on the wall.
Wish I can give you a cold can of beer and we chat a while! Cheers brother!


Our old den is my man cave/reloading room. I also have a shop set up in the yard where I can build my ARs and long range rifles.



I am (all out of likes…) I hope that I am not considered ‘too talkative,’ now? Lmao.


Yes it is in the middle of my shop building. Beer sounds good!


I have two adjacent benches in my work shop that is where I clean and work on my guns. One is an old door with the top surface is sheet metal. A cleaning mat and I’m good to go.


I have a small workbench set up in the utility room in my basement. I ordered a vault door instead of buying a bigger safe that is right next to it and it leads to a dry storage area. My vault door comes in tomorrow so I’m looking forward to the weekend!


What used to be my daughters bedroom is now “the boys room” . Where me and my dog hang out. All reloading, gunsmithing, reel repair is done here. My safes are in here. Room is set up with video cameras and motion detectors that alert me as well as record if anyone is in here when they shouldn’t be.


Wife made me a nice stained glass piece to hang near my work space. Looks awesome!


Love that stained glass………….cool! Maybe she can do a Beretta one, I’ll buy it………….