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Where Do You Work On Your Guns?


i like the steel guitar.:+1:


I’m fortunate to have a dedicated vault room I have space for gunsmithing, this way if I need to stop, all I need to do is lock the door.


This response gave me the idea putting a lock on my gun room. It is now sporting a locking knob. Thanks for the idea.


Also have 4 reloaders. I spend most of my life here when Im not shooting.


What a nice Gunsmithing, re-loading, work space you have made for yourself, good job.


Have you ever seen the Beatles movie/documentary “LET IT BE”? Inside the studio on the George Harrison song “For You Blue”, John Lennon is playing his Fender I believe on his lap in a Pedal Steel fashion using the slide.


I have a 12X8 shop room in the basement right next to my walk in gun vault. Yes I am spoiled!


I have a reloading bench and work table in my shop, but most of my work gets done in the “clean room” (my wife often calls it the laundry room! Lol). The white walls, counter tops, and tile floor make it easier to find missing springs and such.


Was looking for a decent work bench for my firearms and found a gladiator hard wood table top work bench in Lowe’s. Got it home and liked the build fit and finish I went back today and bought another. I got the first bench on sale for $187.00 and I price match the second one I purchased today for $195.00. These are really stout well made hard wood tables and 20 min assembly. I would buy again. Now to add bench lights! A work in progress.


I have a desk with a Husky top and mid box on top. Underneath I have a Husky bottom cabinet. It is a 27" wide unit and they are in my bedroom. On the opposite wall I have another 27" Husky bottom cabinet. I guess you would say that my bedroom has become OVER CROWDED?


The launched springs NEVER get lost? lol


Ok, so long as work is not defined by cleaning the work area I’ll post


Looks like SOMEONE is building theirself a new 1911??

I am SO jealous!!! Big smiles.


I’m in the man cave also known as the basement. Unfinished and I like it that way!!

The safes are there and I picked up a workbench from Lowes when they had a clearance sale. I also picked up a few cabinets and shelves from a garage sale so these store all my gun stuff.


It is fun when I can find the time, energy and the garage is not 200*

The one on the right has not made it past removing the rail

and the other one I’m contemplating an industrial finished look

and there are a couple AR10’s on the table getting just as much neglect


I really have to get an 80% lower… I know my wife bought me a drill press for xmas? Gotta love credit cards and going into debt? Living on SSDI is tough. It is even tougher not having the ability to work for additional income to be able to afford the extra toys and the essentials at times. What a ‘balancing act?’ frustrated.


My work bench started its service as my parents kitchen table in 1946 when my Dad returned home from the war. His enlistment was the duration of the war + 6 months. He ended up doing 20. It then served as a game table in the rec room for my sister’s and brother. Later to become a kitchen table again. Next it served as my work bench for my go-cart engines. Only again to return as a kitchen table after my Dad refinished it. It remained a kitchen table until 2 years ago. Now it served as my inspection, cleaning and service bench. It changed roles after every move my parents made. So the more thing’s change, the more they stay the same.


A follow up to my earlier post - unfinished basement:

I grabbed this workbench from Lowe’s when there was a clearance sale. You can also see a air compressor on the lower shelf.

This works on firearms, RC cars, bikes and airsoft.


This is my “in the house” hobby bench - it sees outdoor gear, guns, guitars, vintage audio equipment etc…



I have a large shop building on the property inside I built a 14 x 30 room just for me and my stuff, I use it for my gun stuff and an office, All the toys, sound system big screen beer cooler etc. and nobody moves anything.