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Where Do You Work On Your Guns?


Over the past week I’ve been creating a workspace in a spare bedroom, for my new found interest in gunsmithing and possibly reloading, as I don’t want to spill chemicals on My kitchen table. My G/F thinks I’m crazy. Where do you guys work on your weapons?


In the spare bedroom of course! lol Seriously - gun safe is in the closet, adjacent is an old dresser with a door on top for a workbench (for guns, guitars and vintage stereo equipment) with shelving above, the rest of the room is ski gear, packs, outdoor gear, guitars and amps TV etc. I am setting up a reloading bench out in shed/ski shop.


I’ve got an old metal office desk that i bought off Craigslist. I put it down in the basement(partially finished and dry) added a vice as well as my reloading presses. Put some shelves on the wall for my dies, cleaning kits, reloading manuals, etc. Keep my bullets for reloading as well as spare parts and tools in the drawers of the desk. Works great for me


Depends what im doing and whats more convenient. Bigger jobs or stuff requiring the tools that live out there get done in my garage, little stuff usually gets done where ever, my office, the coffee table etc. Stuff with little bits that tend to get launched across the room i like doing over carpet, stuff hits and sticks and can be found instead of bouncing/sliding etc off into some dark corner of the workshop never to be seen again.


Define work. I don’t ‘work’ on guns. Not like you guys do. I clean and shine’m though. Mostly shine. And where better to do that?? An instrument among instruments😊


I have a work bench out in the garage where I do most of my gun cleaning and what little repair work I am capable of doing.


@Boomchucker I want to come jam with you man nice setup.


Corner of the basement with reloading bench for small stuff. Folding Craftsman work table for long guns. And to really get into trouble a welding table with vise and grinder mounted.:thinking:


Is that an axiom holding that wheel gun up?


Yes it is! Connected to an awesome array of soft synths and vocoder. Not pictured, cos it don’t fit in my room, is a Yamaha digital grand piano, but it’s right around the corner and midi’d into the computer.


Very nice, I love my axiom, it’s overlooked by many but as a toy or entry to moderate level it is kick a$$! That’s a very nice set up you have there.


Spare bedroom is an excellent choice, you could even add a separate a/c if needed since you will be working there a lot and also keep the humidity down.


Never thought abouta separate ac unit. Might not be a bad idea if the central unit doesn’t keep up.


Now, if only I had a spare bedroom… my bed is where I do my work, I have a coffee table at the foot that I just roll out my gun mat on and go to town, I guess that’s the good thing about being unattached, I don’t have anyone telling me I can’t do that :smirk:


Heres my little work space with my Craigslist desk that cost me $10. Serves my purpose well. Can reload, build, and clean everything i own. Best thing is takes up about 4’×3’ of space.


Nice little set up you have Don, job well done.


Thanks Paul. It definitely serves my purpose. When i need to work on a rifle i just move off the tumbler and sonic cleaner and throw my Hyskore gun vise and do what i need to do


I have a work bench set up in my shop. I have a 30x40 woodworking shop / man cave.


We used to live in a downtown condo.
Working on my guns was always a pain, because I didn’t have a dedicated workspace.

When we bought a house; At the very top of the “must have” list was a workshop for me and my guns.

Now it’s great. I can leave a project in a million pieces, lock the shop door, and walk away.
I can come back a day or two later and pick up exactly where I left off.

There’s never any mess in the rest of the house. And never any safety concerns with children etc.


@Dexter Sounds like a nice set-up but I wouldn’t exactly remember where I left off if I came back day or two later. :thinking::grinning: