Where are you right now?

Take a pic. Start a discussion. Have fun!

We have the photography these for good pics but what about the crappy ones that just show life?

Like this:

I’m posting from my hot tub with an audience in attendance staring at my fat gut.

In other news my hot tub water is finally crystal clear. PITA to get it there. These things are petri dishes but necessary for me to keep me mobile due to my RA. Unfortunately sitting in mine leads to a cigar and 3-4 beers every time I get in it but I always feel better the next day.


Here’s a selfie of me right this moment in the bathroom of my gals house sitting on the toilet with the lights off. No audience.

Mine ain’t.


Drink cranberry juice daily for that! :innocent:


For your water, hopes it’s clear! :innocent:


Crystal clear but for some reason it’s yellow. Weird.

This may come as a shock being 10:30 at night but…

Water is clear, towel is being warmed by my heater, and I have a cold beer.

God is good, y’all!

On another note yesterday my son played his second game of football. It was a tough game. We kept them within 20 yards of their end zone almost the entire game but couldn’t punch through. Finally scored one with about 2 minutes on the clock. They started marching back but on the final 4th down my son, playing safety, came out of nowhere to tackle their guy at the line of scrimmage effectively ending the game!

To be fair he kinda fell into him but he made the other guy fell short of the first down so I’m calling it a real win!

So now my son’s entire football career is undefeated! And he played a critical role too!