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When 50 Cal goes WRONG!

A lesson in “ammo faith”…NOT!!!


When it’s not your time,it’s just not your time


DAMN! That was ugly. How much extra powder would it take to cause that?


Could of been that the powder degraded which caused it to burn faster which would cause a the pressure to spike.


Primary lifesaving factor… The good ol tried an true. BUDDY SYSTEM!


And 911 Especially for me as I shoot alone 99.9% of the time.
Nothing high caliber…and at AR500 steel targets aimed properly.

Shooting at that fire hydrant was the first “red flag” for me. :face_with_monocle::scream:


“the flyers” shoulda told him ammo was off, pushing to fast and deforming the bullet tip cause that,pld ammo, reloaded demil ammo, see that a lot anymore on 50 cal, just learning on reloading 50 brass, im still at the point of not trusting any 50 cal reloads but mine, but that will pass.
a shooting buddy of mine years ago, decided to shoot a piece of railroad rail with a 30/06 black tip. 50 yards. 2 years later, they finally got the last of the spall out of his neck and face. bullets do strange things off curved hard surfaces when your pushing fast. equal and opposite reaction shit.
I bought one of his tee shirts, know whats its like to be down and healing, been there before. but he might aughta curb his enthusiasm on hard targets.


I always wanted to try a 50cal. I can now take that off my bucket list. No way… :grimacing:


Back in 2007 there was another 50 cal wake up. Not sure what the target was.
Looked like it hit him on a second ricochet?! :face_with_monocle::scream: He was very lucky.

Thought it was appropriate to add this gone WRONG:


Add to list…a SUCCESS :boom::boom::boom::sunglasses:

It takes a Ruski…LOOKS fun to me…:face_with_monocle:


should try one. not much more recoil than a 12ga with a slug. Ive had 10 ga turkey guns bite harder. probably truth be told .22 is probably the highest hitter on spall and ricochet injuries. with one of the highest injury rates from shooting rats in a junkyard.


Used to love to go to the dump with my dad to drop off trash and shoot at rats and TV’s. It was “NORMAL” back then.
Just about everyone in my home town loved that day! :scream::sunglasses::boom::boom::boom:

This did make me squeeze off 40 a few minutes ago…:grin:


used to do that over at bud halls junkyard, dont know if its still there or not. my first car came out of that place. 1947 chevy. 50$ for the car 50$ for the engine. someone still drives that car round Black Mtn…


They are. Maybe your chariot is back there again? :face_with_monocle::sunglasses:



wonder if charlie is running the place now, I lost touch with him after I enlisted, I will have to call. (went thru school with Charlie) thanx brother.


Yes that was nuts! I do agree with him on it being 100% the ammos fault. Any ammo that is questionable I stay far away from. Just isn’t worth it anymore. Your life, replacement gun parts just can’t be replaced in this day and age.

I am glade he is ok and recovering fast. It is very interesting that it sheared the threads off the back cap. Makes me thing if the previous couple of rounds started the failure and the past one did it in.

As for hard targets, I’ll pass only properly set up steel targets. I have had shrapnel in my leg and neck from a indoor shooting range. The leg one was the worse. The neck one hit right on the jugular, it was bleeding, the range owners were freaking out, was about a 1/8" in my neck and some of the jacket was sticking out. I pulled it out with my leatherman. Kept it for A few years. It happened A couple of years ago. A week later they closed to replace their bullet trap system. Someone else was hurt by shrapnel.

I don’t get what these guys are trying to prove shooting 50 cal at hard targets so damn close. I just don’t get it.


Mr. Russki has an answer again…:boom::boom::boom::boom:


Wow-he is one lucky-and apparently blessed-SOB! Had to have been a double charge from the looks of it. I had this vid in my queue but kept putting others in front of it.
Back in the 80’s I worked for a guy what had a .50 cal. black powder rifle blow up on him and nearly took out his jugular. He had this nasty jagged scar from his jaw all down his neck and one day I finally asked him about it. He swore it wasn’t a double charge but “metal fatigue”… I wanted to ask why no lawsuit but as he was my boss, I quickly thought better of it. Unlike this guy only his throat was injured but you could tell it had scared the bejeezus out of him. I mean who wouldn’t be?


Wow… no recoil. I bet MCARBO will still make an aftermarket butt pad though.


thats why i mark my ramrod on BP rifles. usually people get to talking and ram a double load, OR people dont clean em right, or forget and leave em loaded, and it eats the breech up, pitted and rust, and after enough times doing that it fractures.Jut like on the BP revolvers, they forget to crisco the face and you get a chain fire. its the guns fault :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:
the Douglas barrel on my 45 cal flintlock is out of the next to last batches he cut due to people over charging them and then blaming the barrel when it split. no one got injuried, but he had enough of the bullshit and took the flint lock style off the market. that was in the 60s.