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Wheel gun, revolver, six shooter

What ever ya call 'em, can’t go wrong with one. Or two, hell half a dozen or more. I’ve narrowed ours down to two calibers, .38Spl./.357 Mag. That seems to do everything we need. We both enjoy shooting the snubbies with the softer shooting .38Spl loads to keep “tuned”. My Taurus 605 SS Snubbie. It’s got a nice SA/DA trigger and since I had the barrel replaced, shoots nice groups at 10yds.

This is why it went back to the mothership, “after” 25 rounds of 138gr JHP .38Spl.


A couple of mine


Looks like a 5 shot Chief’s Special with an old Tyler T-grip


@Dane Nope, it’s a 70s era factory short barrel k frame with a t grip and origional box


I want a Ruger 100 or 101 in 357. The ones I fired have the best trigger of any double action revolver I’ve fired. I’ll get a deal on one when it’s my time.


I have seen data the a 9mm out of 2 inch barrel is more effective than 38 ad if bbn I am not mistaken a 357. It is at 3 inches and above that the 38/357 begins to have advantage. It has something to do with not having enough time to burn powder and get pressure for the rimmed cartridge.

I have ruger lcr 9mm great gun to shoot.

I prefer the ruger security six in 6 inch barrel. I also have a police service six fixes sights 4 inch barrel. Those weights and barrel lengths optimize the 357/38 cartridge.

I found that the 6 inch security much more accurate and gets the most pt of the 357/38.

I also like the sccy cpx-2 for a replacement for the lcr 9mm

Consequently both the police service six and the ruger lcr 9mm are going up on the chopping block.



Heres 2 of em, My Taurus Tracker In 44 Magnum, and my lil S&W snubnose Hideout
in 38special, i will grab some pics of my BP favorites here in a lil bit, .44 and .36,
My model 29/2 should be back to me shortly, as its finaally all back from getting its dark satin blue finish, and in the hands of my S&W Guru.


and 2 of my BPs, my .44, most beautiful cyanide finish side plates ive ever seen on a BP or SP firearm, trying to winchester lever receiver done the same way, and “Baby” .36 caliber. shes a work in progress still have the loading lever left to install. by the end of the year, she will be done…


Here’s my three. Started off with the NAA Pug in .22 Mag as a super deep concealment option. It’s less than half a pound loaded and can be carried anywhere.

The S&W 642 was next. It’s now my casual CCW, at 1lb loaded and very comfortable to carry. I’ve got Federal HST Micro’s in it which have tested well. I also got it for less than $300 all told, though the grips were a separate expense.

The S&W 686 was a dream revolver. From the moment I saw it I loved it, and I managed to find one of the original models on GunBroker. A blast to shoot. Need a holster for it.

Not sure what’s next. I’ve got my main bases covered and likely will focus on semi autos next. Maybe a SA repro like an Uberti. Maybe something magnum caliber. S&W model 29 maybe. I do like the Ruger SP01 as a possible carry revolver.


My S & W. A less well known model but dang if it don’t shoot well. Had this since the 70’s, my favorite by a country mile. In the process of making a set of walnut stocks for it.


I carry a S&W 350PD 357mag and my wife carries a S&W 442 38spcl. They serve us very well and are extremely easy to carry


I used to have a Rossi 461 that was subject to the safety recall (Because no transfer bar and firing pin on hammer, it can fire if dropped). They said they would modify it to make it safe. THEY LIED. They didn’t fix any of the recalled guns. Rather they sent Taurus 605’s out to replace them. I’m not happy with the trade. My Rossi was a shiny deep, deep dark blued 6 shot .357. I get in return a 5 shot flat black painted thing. They call it Matte Black Oxide - looks like paint, feels like paint to me. I got it back last week and have only striped it down to parade rest and cleaned the burrs and metal bits out of the inside so far. At least the trigger pull is better now. Not a fan of having to drive out a roll pin to get the grip off to access the side plate screws either. As this is my bedside gun, it only has to function reliably 100% of the time, accuracy within 10 yards is all I require of it.


Yea the quality of Taurus lockwork on every one ive handled has been shameful.


I must have got lucky…



Colt trooper .357 with pachymar grips. My step fathers gun, unfortunately he busted the factory grips breaking a window out of his jeep ( he locked his keys in the rig). Fun shooting gun that I always loved as a kid.


Dan wesson in 6 inch and then with 2 inch barrel


K … so … @Silverback

I think that’s the third or fourth Monson made 715 I’ve seen. I’ve got a pistol pack that resembles that beauty.


@Dred. I would sure like a pistol pac. But I had to buy the 2 inch barrel from cz. They still make blued barrels and shrouds.


I remember back when I was on my Dept in the late 70’s, a couple of the guys bought Dan Wesson 357’s. They came in a case with 3 barrels, 2in., 4in., and 6in. They also came with 2 sets of grips, one target and one combat. As I recall, they were pretty reasonable in price. Wish I could have bought one. But, I was making about $4.50 an hour back then and needed a new car more than another gun.