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What's Your Perfect Pair?

A perfect pair is typically a rifle and pistol that shoot the same ammo.
What are some of your perfect pairs?

The Sub-2000 makes pairing quite easy. Mine is actually a perfect three.
Sub-2000, Taurus G2c, and Sig P226. All take the P226 9MM mags.
Which I have plenty of in 15, 18 and 20 rounds.

The G2c is a fantastic pistol. A really decent shooter. Excellent price.
Small enough to be my carry as soon as my CCW arrives in the mail.


I would imagine whatever pistol/matching SUB2000 platform you have would be ideal. Glock 19 pistol using 17 or 33 round Glock 17 magazines in my S2K.


I imagine so as well. Was also curious to see what other non-Sub-2000 pairs you guys may have.
Probably several guys with AR pistol and rifle platforms, could be considered pairs, I guess.
I would prefer something more like lever action/ revolver pairs. Cowboy style. lol


I have a few …

  1. Mechtech 460 Rowland on dedicated doublestack 1911 frame paired to doublestack 1911 in 460 Rowland - share mags and I’ve measured Ke over 1000 from the Carbine.

  2. Mechtech 10mm paired with Dan Wesson Silverback 10mm 1911. Share mags if I attach a 1911 frame to the Carbine.

  3. Marlin 1894CS paired with either Colt Trooper or Dan Wesson 715 Pistol Pack (2, 4, 6 or 10" barrel). Interesting that the Colt and the Dan Wesson were both Karl R. Lewis Designs.

  4. Several 22lr Carbines pairing with several 22lr handguns (3 revolvers and a 1911)

  5. Sub 2000 & M&P 9mm pistol for magazine compatibility plus 2x 9mm 1911s for ammo compatibility

I like PCCs, but the perfect pair in my collection varies according to the situation. The 460 Rowland set is best for hunting or deep woods carry. The 10mm pair is respectable for hunting but better suited for urban defense. The 357/38 trio are huntable, but mostly they bring the most enjoyment. The 22lr is good for what 22lr is good for. The 9mm pairing focuses on portability, concealment and basic tactical readiness.


My official answer is Sub2k and my duty gun, M&P .40. I’ve shot that pistol more than anything else and am pretty decent with it. And .40 hits hard out of a long barrel (for a pistol round, probably close to 10mm). Got a handful of mags, including a ProMag extended that has run well so far. ETS is about to start doing M&P mags, including extended, so I’m gonna have to get some.

The only other current answer is my Henry lever gat in .22, with my NAA mini with the LR cylinder. I’ll probably get a Smith 686 and pair it with a. 357 lever gun too.


G17/S2k and S&W 686+/Rossi M92 in .357 Magnum. I’ve said before it’s possible I might have a black guns and stainless steel thang🤪


I’m in agreement with you. My GHB goes everywhere I go and in it are a G17 and an S2K. G17 has a Ghost Evo Trigger job and the S2K comes with the Mcarbo feed ramp, trigger kit w/trigger guard, extended mag release, recoil donut, notched rear sight and tube cover.


@ValorSolo I could say my AR15 and my KelTec PLR-16 that shoots 5.56/.223 :grin:


I was looking at getting a PLR-16, but talked myself out of it until I get some of these project guns finished. How is it treating you?


One appreciates those ‘project guns’ so much more. I don’t like being ‘a Jones…’ I have to always be the one that ‘owns his own zipcode…’ Big smiles!


@Boomchucker That pair of lever action and revolver are beautiful. I love the wood & stainless combination.


I agree, the ideal would be a combo where the caliber and mags are interchangeable between both. For serious work I combine my G23 Sub2k 40cal with my Glock 27 gen4 40cal. Mags are every thing from 10, 13, 15, and 22 rds. Also allows for loading them with different types of rounds based upon situation. I typically carry mags, separately loaded with Winchester Ranger SXT, Glaser Silver Safety slugs and Interceptor ARX.


My perfect pair are Rugers. The Ruger PC Carbine and the SR9c. Both run the 17 round magazines and both will faithfully feed 115, 124 and 147gr ammo.


It is a fun pistol to shoot, it throws a fireball that rivals the PMR30!! Everyone who sees it thinks that it is cool. (except the KelTec haters) It doesn’t like Magpul 30 round magazines, but will run fine with aluminum or GI magazines in either 20 or 30. I have a D60 Magpul that “looks cool” when coupled to it, but don’t know if it will feed the rounds properly or not.


My Ruger PC-9 Carbine & my CGW CZ Omega P-09. Both shoot like a dream for me.


Km55 has the CMR and PMR another nice pairing from kel tec


My perfect pair for around my farm are my Marlin 60 and my Ruger Mark 3. I shoot hundreds of rounds through them every week. I get the practice want without the cost of 9mm ammo.
Both guns have sweet triggers. Volquartson in the Mark 3 and MCarbo in the Marlin. I would like to have a Ruger 9 mm rifle to pair with my SR 9.


I’ve got the Marlin 60 and 80. Great rifles. Still running stock triggers in both.

Also a 783 in WMR.


I have a 39a that is my favorite 22. It will group tighter than the 60. It has a 4 inch longer barrel that probably makes it more accurate. It doesn’t shoot as fast as the 60. The 39a would be expensive to replace. I don’t have much invested in the 60 so it gets beat up being hauled around my farm. In good weather I shoot a brick of 22 lr a week. I built a small range on my land. I will be hanging some 6 inch steel plates soon. I like ringing them. I have a tall steep hill for my backstop. I would have to shoot 80 ft above my targets to miss it. I haven’t no neighbors behind my range closer than a mile away. I believe in gun safety and built my little 2 man shooting range as safe as possible.


Better late than never , Ruger pc carbine and glock mag adapter, Paired with Glock 19 build .