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What's the worst piece of junk you ever bought?

Shoulda bought the 73 Javelin AMC/AMX…:sunglasses:


Always loved Javelins. A guy in HS had a fire engine red, 401/4 speed that ran like a bat outta hell. I wanted it so bad I’d have willingly given up a testicle…


“Shoulda bought the 73 Javelin AMC/AMX”


My ex brother in law had a black AMX. Not sure what year it was but it sure was pretty! He wouldn’t race my '73 455 SD Trans Am though! I saw my first Javelin in a while on a dice run last summer.

Not sure if that’s a stock color but it was nice to see!


I had a friend that bought the Blue 73 Javelin AMX . Kept it in his parents basement and only took it out once a month. Smart collector. Wonder what happened to that? :face_with_monocle:

Same year he bought a white and blue 73 Kawasaki H1 Mach III. 3 cylinder 2- stroke. I remember hitting 90 in 2nd gear and the front wheel was on the verge of lift off!!! :scream:

His daily driver was a blue convertible MG midget.


Now that i think about it, im drawn to function over form… and the “Block” design in my real world experience is proof.
S10 & K5 BLAZER, Jeep cherokee, commander, Glock23, Poly80…
Starting to think i dont have a sense of style, but that we need a “Glock Vs. the world” thread…


You can put lipstick on a pig… but… lol.

Though I do like the stippling design.


Speaking of lipstick on a pig… somebody should make BACON stippling.


talk about a dreamer…


I make bacon on my suppressor…



use the whole barrel sissy !


Does that qualify as communist swine?


Eat it off this…:sunglasses::plate_with_cutlery:


That’s for the sausages.


I could never figure out why my X sent me one…or what to do with it? :man_shrugging:


Thought I would visit their website…


Lots of really cool and unique firearms, gear, and swag. How about this to make your Glock prettier?


"Same year he bought a white and blue 73 Kawasaki H1 Mach III. 3 cylinder 2- stroke. I remember hitting 90 in 2nd gear and the front wheel was on the verge of lift off!!! "

I still have my '74 Z1-E 900 Kaw. in pieces down in the basement. Had it punched out to 1075 with a Wiseco big bore kit When I’m down there at the reloading bench every now and then I glance over and it’s like watching porn. I look at it and think " yeah, I used to be able to do that!"


I knew a flat-track racer years ago that claimed to have hit 145 mph on I-85 north above Atlanta on a buddy’s once. Then the rear tire separated from the rim and deflated. Said he crossed the center median completely over into the far emergency lane-twice! Never hit anything nor went down but that he had never spoken with God like he had on that day. Said he never got on that bike again.


I raced super bike and drag. Super bike was relatively new back then. Before the 900 only the 750 Honda was competitive in 4 stroke. The 750 triple 2 stroke Kaw. was called the “hang on and pray machine” but it was crazy quick!. You could feel the frame twist under you as you poured on the throttle . My speedometer went up over 160 and I pegged it more than once. When I lost my sponsor it was too dangerous to run on the street. The crazy thing is now there’s 500cc bikes that can do that! The crotch rockets that are out there now like the Hayabusa would smoke me!


Yep, technology marches on. The wife’s Chevy HHR could smoke my old '68 Mustang today, too. I never messed with bikes much until we all went to Daytona Bike week '84 and that was my first exposure to flat track. Had never heard of it before then. It was ok but not really fast and at only 4 laps per race, it got boring quick. Now the 200 lap Daytona road race on Sunday was a real hoot! They had to put a cone chicane at the end of the long straightaway in an effort to slow those guys down. It didn’t help very much! I wanted to see the street drags but couldn’t convince anybody else to go and didn’t know where they were held. Saw some of the strangest sights I’ve ever seen during those days, LMAO! I actually rode a friend’s Honda Trail 90 the whole time we were there and never even got one dirty look. But it was so damn cold the entire time there were no hotties out on the beach! You could still drive on the beach back then. Ahhh, sweet memories!


Why… why… why do I do this? A few emails back and forth and now I will be sending in my Glock 17 for their “Sunburst” stippling.