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What's The Best Choice In Foregrips For The SUB2000?

I am not big on hanging excess stuff off my long guns. Mag holder is a great idea as serves dual purpose . Maintains sleek compactness of weapon and functional. This may be on the horizon for my sub.


I go back and forth between the Magpul AFG and XTM hand stop. Currently the hand stop is my go to, I prefer the slimmer profile to keep things minimal.


I’m using a UTG 4.1” foregrip with quick release and waterproof extra battery compartment. Sweet!


Do you fold yours for storage? If you do does the grip make it harder to store or do you remove it?

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Folds up fine. Have not stored yet, too busy putting in MCARBO upgrades and ogling the dang thing…:sunglasses:


I use a Magpul AFG-2. Puts my hand and wrist in a more comfortable and normal position. I only have to extend my index finger to hit the power button on the laser mounted ahead of it.



There it is right there … even had a pic on the RL.

It’s the Bushnell Haste AFG/red laser. It looks like Kel Tec designed it for the Sub 2000. I up and mounted it to the AR Dad got on Father’s Day. I replaced it with a more powerful green laser that projects a visible dot 50+ yards in full Texas sun on the Sub2k. I’ve been eluded by the green laser Haste, but if Bushnell lets go of one, I will be a buyer.


Laser max spartan green laser. It’s awesome and works in full sunlight. :slight_smile:


If you are not looking for one with a laser, Israeli Arms makes a pretty nice fore grip for the Sub 2k Gen 2 … It has a quick detach feature and its pretty solid once attached. The grip has 4 finger holds and a thumb hold vs a straight tube and a slight slant towards the back, it is a full size fore grip … I used one on each of my Gen 2’s the 9 and 40 for a couple of years without any problems … But I recently added the Browning laser Fore Grips to them and no longer use the Israeli Arms ones, the Browning’s are a low profile grip … These also seem to work pretty good … So it depends on what you are looking for …


How did you mount the mag holder

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I removed my Magpul Foliage AVG off my AR15 to see if the color is close to the OD Green on the SUB200. It isn’t to far off, but I’d like to see what the Magpul OD Green AVG looks like on it.


I went with the Magpul AFG2. it is slightly narrower so it doesn’t interfere with lights or lasers you might want to mount on the sides or your fore end. Very comfortable and allows a variety of gripping styles.


I personally prefer no grip, I feel I have better control, target acquisition, and speed without it, plus I try to keep my Sub as light as possible. I feel like that is really one of the better qualities of the carbine.

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I mounted mine back a few inches and added a laser max green laser in front of the AFG2. Perfect reach with my index finger. When I sighted it in, I fired the last two shots from the hip, both in the x-ring. Really like that I can add similar accessories to my AR-15.


That’s the first time I seen that on an actual rifle. Looks sweet. Functional. Is it practical to release the magazine from the rail?

@Boomchucker It slides on and off easily but it can only be slid on and off, you can’t install it on the picatinny rail from the side like alot of QD. I won’t use it in this configuration but I thought it was an interesting enough item to post a picture.

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I have some serious safety concerns with this… looks very flimsy. I would not use that product as a foregrip.

@Matt It’s made by Fab Defense which makes alot of Glock accessories. It’s not flimsy and if you wrap your four fingers around the front of mag and thumb over top the barrel shroud it works quite well for support. If there was another place to attach it and remove it without using it as a forward grip then thats probably the route I would go but I don’t see how that could be done, although you could slide it further back on the rail and just use it to hold a spare mag.

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