What's The Best Choice In Foregrips For The SUB2000?


I hope this isn’t off topic. Right now, I don’t use what I would call a “foregrip.” I just use one piece of the Magpul XTM Hand Stop Kit to make sure my hand isn’t going to slide off towards the muzzle. I think something needs to be there, but I like to keep things as light as possible.


I went with a folding grip from Mako, now it’s called the FAB Defense Black folding grip


Ok guys I am reading this debate I find that I have some of the options that you you guys keep repeating discussion about. The vertical grip/ the angled grip/ folding vertical grip/ the knobie grip/little bumps on the rail/Green lasers on angle grip.
Now I know this will not please those that are running gunners. My quest for a longer rail has brought me to this.
May I present FrankensteinS2K.
The bottom rail is just about the same length as the original fore end
It has forward balance so it may help in reducing muzzle rise
The bibod actually sits right behind the front fore end barrel clamp thus not giving any moment arm to flex fore end.

FrankensteinS2K’s big brother. I think that if you want to do long distance with the FAB Defense bipod grip is handy.
Primary Arms 4x14FFP HUD DMR5.56 reticle


Does anyone out here have a gen1 with the KT420 attached. I am sure if I take the time I can search through files to try to find but I would like a picture of how this rail attaches near the hinge end of the barrel.
The reason i ask is the instructions say to slide locking tabs into the slots on the barrel nut.


@Turmeric1 there should have been a small part (looks wierd) but it does hook onto the Barrell nut

Part #436 that locks it to the barell nut and keeps the handgaurd from moving forward. Should attach to the rear barell clamp and also the barell nut. Hope this helps

M*CARBO Optic Mount Or Red Lion Front End?

There is no Doubt about it.!!! rattles like a snake .


That is some old looking instruction sheet.:palm_tree::palm_tree::palm_tree::palm_tree::beer:

That is what gives proper location to the frame pieces. IT DOES THAT but once you clamp the barrel clampc down it keeps the whole thin(KT420 from going forward. I GOT IT. Mine rattles like a snake.

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Guys FYI, if I may. I just talked to Keltec (Sean in CS) they are sending me a whole new KT420 because of the troubles I am having. THey are sending it in the morning.
I think I give KelTEc a 15 out of 10:boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom: out of 10 in CS.


@Turmeric1 that is awesome. Every time I’ve dealt with this it has been nothing short of great. But ya that hook piece goes in between the rear barell clamp and the hook piece fits right in the barell nut and hooks everything in place


Sean @KT told me it will rattle on the gen2. You see my pictures above of FrankensteinS2K that is how I am going to mount my fore end. It will give me more of a reachthat feels like gives me better control. Also what that will do for me is give me access to the bolt that locates the #436. after fore end is mounted and I know it is sqaure with the rest of the gun I will remove#436.
At that point i do think the fore end will move. If it does I am in a world of hurt !!! That means the barrel clamps have fallen OFF the gun OH SH^%$#&(.!

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Strike Industries makes a nice little fore grip, I think it’s called the cobra? Just enough to hold onto, but not so big as to interfere with the compactness of the weapon.



Love the way this Fab Defense AFG feels in the hand with the thumb grip it is so comfortable and a natural feel :+1: my two year old destroyed our blinds ahahaha think that’s the second one


All Things SUB-2000! Who prefers the AFG vs the handle grip?


I have the xtm hand stop kit from magpul on mine. It gives me something to hold on to but doesn’t add much weight or bulk.


I have both – prefer the AFG.


Couldn’t get my wrist and hand to cooperate with the AFG. Went with the vertical grip. Much more comfortable for me.


Definitely prefer the AFG2, not as wide as the standard AFG, and doesn’t interfere with mounting other accessories on the rails at the 3 & 9 0’clock positions. I use a modified “C” grip and point my index finger straight out. Allows for a natural point of aim feeling and has my index finger in position to activate my laser mounted in front of the AFG2 grip.


I put this on mine and love it.



I have this one in the bag, its a straight, with a cree light and a laser on it . not bad, all alloy its is usable But i much prefer the angled grip i use on my AR’S,which is a angled FAB-DEFENSE unit, like em so much I just ordered the grip assy for my Makarov from them…