What was your first gun and how old were you?

That story had me in tears…


May i ask why the water works?


My first firearm was a Taurus G3c in March of last year. Late to the party. Lol


Better late than never lol


At least I got there!


I was a late bloomer for being a gun owner as well. I bought my first gun in 2018, I was 34 or 35 (I can’t remember if I bought it before or after my birthday lol). I’m now 38


I had a BB gun early on. A Daisy lever action of some kind or other. It wasn’t a Red Ryder I know, but it had a “scope” on it. Just a plastic tube with a set of plastic crosshairs. I think I took/broke that off pretty quickly. I shot that thing for years until it literally wore out.

My first “real” gun was an Ithaca Model 66 “Supersingle.” A break action 20 ga, with and underleaver that made it look like a lever action rifle. All the lever did was break the barrel open, but it looked cool. I got it for Christmas when I was 13-14 years old. I remember my mother, who came from a hunting family, telling me…“Never shoot anything you can’t brag about.” She was specifically refering to shooting something out of season, or something illegal like a doe deer (back in those days, shooting a doe was definately frowned on, even if it happened to be legal).


First off welcome to the forum. Second im a big fan of the old break action single shots. Ive had a model 66 with the lever. There great shotguns.


My first firearm was a Stevens rolling block .22 that used to belong to my Uncle. I also still have an Ithaca Model 66 lever action single shot 20 gauge. I love Ithaca shot guns and have several. I saw the Model 66 at the LGS and thought it looked neat. I paid $100 for it about 15 years ago.



Cheap off brand BB gun at 6 years old. Graduated to a Marlin 22 LR when I was 10.


Several BB guns starting about age 7-8 (remember the short-lived Daisy double barrel shotgun? Short-lived because they all broke at the receiver!) but every time Pop brought out his Winchester Model 77 .22 and/or his APD-issued Colt PP .38, we got to shoot them. At age 12 I bought myself a Remington 700 in 30.06 and proceeded to learn how to deal with recoil. Age 14 I bought myself a Beretta AL-2 12 ga since most of the family hunted quail. Never looked back after that but now I am sorely in need of a much bigger safe!


My first gun was a new G17. The original, Tupperware case and a Bianchi UM84 holster (became the M12). I also purchased 4 19 round (+2) magazines that day. All for the grand total of $364. This was at a boutique gun and outfitters “ Outdoor America Store “. I sat at the counter while the clerk penned in my responses to the yellow sheet. I was 17 at the time, fresh in the Army. My dad signed the bottom line. The clerk threw in a couple of boxes of CCI Blazer. I was bitten by the gun bug. Years later my CW4 traded me a 1911 for that G17. He used the Glock as his tractor “coyote“ gun in his retirement. I miss him, and appreciate the 1911 he swapped me.