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What The Heck... Kel Tec?

Kel tec is discounting the p11. One if the best double stack sub compacts on the market.

They just needed to update the trigger , hammer spring, maybe open up trigger guard area.

Insane its lighter and smaller than glock 26. Best little sub compact out there.

What the heck.

I guess I will have to look at the sccy cpx-2


I always wondered the same about my Kel-Tec P-40. changed 2 pieces. triggerspring and guide rod. always ran flawless. still does.


Ooof, the P-11. Hate that little gun. I couldn’t shoot it for crap. But, my wife did okay with it so I “gave” it to her and she carried it for a few years. After about 1200 rounds, the extractor claw broke clean off. Replaced it and put 50 or so more rounds through it almost 10 years ago. It hasn’t seen the light of day since. In my experience, a terrible trigger and a GET YOU KILLED IN A GUNFIGHT type failure? No thanks. At least it was cheap to buy. :-1:



Thanks for the ‘review…’ Big smiles! A plinker/CCW handgun? It does not ‘sound’ like either? If one were to throw any money at it to enhance its performance and features would it be worth the time of time of day? I do not own one and my thoughts on it would purely be ‘availability and cost’ if I happen to run accross it at a pawn shop…


Yep had and ejector break but that was because I was running steel case ammo. Since moving to brass no issue. Beem running like a champ. I shoot at least 100 rounds a week with it. It’s a bit snappy but once you get the hang if it. It’s a great light weight option.

I guess I will have to check out the sccy cpx-2. Life time warranty almost exact same gun.

It’s just the p11 is such a perfect little weapon . 13 rounds uber easy to carry.


Ok now I know why kel the isdiscontinuing the p11.

The sccy cpx-2 outclasses it by a long run.

I hate to say it but the sccy cpx-2 is a much better gun. Yes that darn trigger pull is still to be contended with but it is much smoother and lighter. Doesn’t seem to stack as much.

I know I could go with a poly 80 build of a glock 26 like my 17 long slide but I want decreased weight.

The sccy is 17 oz. With unloaded mag.
Glock 26 almost 8 oz more ( if memory serves me).

I am willing to work with that trigger pull.

Anyway I picked one up to do my own aide by side comparison.

The fit and finish of the sccy is much nicer.
The trigger face is wider and more comfortable.
Rear sight steel. Front still rinky dink but I can live with it.

Finger groove front strap and kind of enlarged back strap.

I am not a fan of finger grooves nor the extended pinky finger extended base plate but it seems to work in the sccy.

The grip has more real estate front to back and initially that gave me some concern.

Went to shoot it today and after a couple of mags 115 grain mac tech. I found my sweet spot with the grip
The extra width allows for a better two hand grip then the p11.

I only had to adjust the rear sight a tiny bit and I was good to go.

Fist size group at about 30 feet. Shoots a bit high but still much more accurate than I was ever able to be with the p11.

I went back to to the p11 to compare and contrast. After 2 mags I thought what was I thinking and how the heck was I able to shoot that thing.

Really this sccy cpx-2 is heads and shoulders above the p11.

Dont get me wrong it’s not a glock but it is a decent pistol.

I was able to get and maintain a proper firm 2 hand grip which made all the difference. It breeds more confidence while shooting. Keeps the gun still. That back strap actually absorbs recoil.
It was pleasant to shoot.

My trigger finger does rub on the trigger guard which gives me pause but I think I can find mid to remedy the fit.

I think the p11 will end up being something to tinker with and end up being a dedicated 22lr with the conversion kit I have.

Now if the sccy craps out on me then I will for sure build a poly80 26.

Before that I am going to give it every opportunity to end up being my edc.


I bought my P11 about 15 years ago and it put about 3000 rounds through it without any problems whatsoever. When the PF nine came out I replaced my P11 with the PF9 and gave it to my younger brother as a carry weapon. He qualified for the Texas CHL and has carried it for about eight years now. We should together quite often at the range and generally burn up about 300 rounds between the two of us. If I had to buy it all over again I would buy another P11 if the PF9 was not available. I hate that they are discontinuing the great little gun but I guess the PF9 has out sold it due to its size.


I got a early P40 thats the same way discontinued. all i ever changed is the guide rod, pins and trigger spring, and shes well over 2000 rounds. never had a issue with it. one of my use and abuse work carries.


I finally went with the sccy cpx-2. It’s very similar. I find it better made and the ergo’s much better. Softer recoil and easier to shoot. I did put a Galloway trigger and hammer in it. I have about 1000 rounds through it. Great little pistol.