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What Size Scope Rings

I recently (yesterday) purchased a Ruger 10/22 with a Vortex 2 x 7 x 32 scope. It also comes with Leopold rings. Good deal at kygunco.com for $339.00. I’m getting it for the wife so we can plink together. I will probably not use the provided rings (although there is certainly nothing wrong with Leopold) because I’m a fan of the Tally style rings, one piece and all. I’m thinking that with a 32mm objective, the low height would be the rings I want. But any confirmation by the brotherhood would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


You said “any.” I fixed my 2-7x32 Leupi to my Marlin Papoose with low rings. But, I don’t ever believe I’m as low as I want to be until I try at least one set that slams the bell against the barrel. And, I’m happy when I can slip a dollar between the bell and the barrel, but rip the dollar if I try it folded.


ive had a pissing contest about scope mounts for years. I finally figured out the heights of Warne mounts, which i primarily use across the board.
no two manufacturers of scope rings use the exact same measurement.
what is STD height on a Vortex mount, will be high on a warne. what is high on a warne will be ultra high on a nikon… the one piece cantilever mounts such as rock river or GG@G can be as much as a 1/8 difference for the same listed mount. and height from bottom of circle changes again between 30mm and 1 " tubes.

ive not used Tatty’s mount but if i was using a Rock River mount it would be the medium height.you can always add a adjustable comb (pad) if you need to adjust your cheek weld. but its hard to do anything other than replace mounts if your cheek weld is to low…


My vote goes to Burris rings, that’s all I ever use now & have changed previous scope rings to Burris.


I actually used the rings that came with the package. It’s definitely not a terrible setup. She’s happy with it. She drives tacks with it. So why change?