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What’s The Best Bug Out/EDC/SHTF Bag?

What does everybody recommend on bag that will last a long time. Getting tired of having to replace my bag every 6-8 months. I use my bag everyday, it holds about 10-20lbs, or more.


seems like i posted to this before, but Hill Peope Gear, Heavy Recon kit bag, you can add the Recon Harness, and butt pack if you need more room, and as far as a bugout/inch bag, you can build a pack to suit your needs.
one word though, their quality is excellent, so make sure you like what your getting, it will last a long,long time. their website, www.hillpeoplegear.com

I am currently building a Qui-YA to suit my needs, got a long thru hike planned, but for years ive run a ALICE large pack, with a HELLCAT conversion I revamped the frame to suit me, added a better belt, Its been a good ruck, but its showing its age as well.


bought two of these 20 years ago… and they still look the same:


p.s. they are also good for hauling tools


on the Gulf of Mexico


maxpedition makes a decent versipack as well, they last , but if you build a kit around a blade, you got enough minimalist to make do.
built this setup around a WWII case xx bolo out of a survival kit my uncle had left hanging in the pumphouse . I reclaimed it, and repurposed it some 40 years later…


My GoRuck has held up this far; although there are a tad pricey now.


this is my EDC bag/ Trunk Bag its not the BEST lol but its my favs…

can do a layout for you if you want just let me know other than that im to lazy to take everything out haha but i will if you would like to know

Hmm I rarely have a firearm in the bag it self unless I’m going for a long trip or camping. I will usually keep mags …etc dont keep a labtop in the back but it can hold mre. Or w.e your mind can come up with. I usually keep my ccw on me with a spare mag… somtimes without a spare mag… but the bag is like I said in my trunk or usually readily available to me w.e I go 70% of the time…


have been looking at this one to upgrade check out the video’s

you can add plates as well.


Personal preference is anything from Hazard 4. I’ve got their Plan-B evac sling pack (sling packs are great if you ride a motorcycle/bicycle) as well as their Patrol day pack and Reveille dop kit. Very configurable with add-on pouches. They’ve got bags for just about everything. No issues with any of their stuff, very durable and comfortable to wear/carry.


My Ruger AR15 MPR 18in and my Daughter’s DPMS Oracle AR15 15in with Horn Hunters day bags.


Nice set of weapons you have there.


@Emullins77 Welcome aboard.


@Emullins77 Welcome to the Brotherhood

My ARs are pretty boring visually but I like how people personalize them. Is the flag graphic factory or did you do that yourself? How’s the daughter like that Vortex 3x prism?


This actually came from Ruger as is.
And she loves her Vortex Spitfire 3x, she is a surgeon with it!!!


I got these horn hunter bags from sportsman warehouse. $99.99 each. Super duty and plenty of pouches. Hard bottom and sides.


Nice, looks good.

I’ve got the 1x version and love it. Been looking at the 3x for another gun. They make some good glass for reasonable prices.


2nd the motion for the 5.11 covrt 18. Love mine, got it filled with get home stuff, basically my 3 day bag to get me home. Just need to get a water bladder for it.


As far as a shit hit the fan bag I actually have relied on some old Alice packs a couple of rock packs and a couple of backpacks that just look absolutely as benign as possible but are loaded out pretty well. My EDC bag is my vertex bag and it’s got my first aid emergency weaponry firemaking General everyday survival stuff it’s not so much a primary bug out bag but a get me home bag if it absolutely came down to. Not everybody can drive around with a rifle strapped to a bag to and from work. I work where thats a big No-No. But as far as an EDC bag the vertex bag coupled with Premier body armor gives me a bag that has level three protection as well as something that looks very very not obvious.
There is a spacious Center pocket where I keep a Bluetooth speaker phone charging water bottle stuff like that. 15940689064224879524474926242621|375x500