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What Reload Works For Your S2K?

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Well I am sure there is a lot of guys that don’t reload 9mm or 40 because cost is down. But for anyone who does what works in yours.
For me I have a few and will update more in the morning but I have experimented with CFE Pistol and HP-38 (WIN 231) and I have used a lot of different Xtreme Bullets 115, 124 and 147 all with success of cycling without failure. My personal best and favorite is
124gr RNCB on top of 5gr of CFE Pistol.

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My buddy reloads for me. I don’t know the formula but they work. I’ve shot 115 reloads and 124 reloads no problem.

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I’m using the same 9mm load for both my S2K and Walther PPQ M2 as both have a very short chamber leade. I’m using 5.0 gr CFE Pistol, 124 gr. Everglades Ammo Version 2 JHP bullets, CCI #500 primers. Bullets are .585" long and are loaded to 1.100" OAL. They are shooting just over 1300 fps out of the S2K and are extremely accurate.


124gr Rainier HP. CCI 500 primers.
Hodgdon Titegroup 4.0 grain.


@Doitsouthstyle, I like Power Pistol for my 9mm pistols, but I like slower burning Blue Dot when loading for my 9mm S2K. Here’s a test of Sierra 125 gr FMJ over 6.7gr Blue Dot and WSP primers. Gun was sighted in with Fiocchi 115 gr. First shot was high so I aimed a little lower. Drilled the next 7 shots. This is from my new M Series S2K. @25 yards.
Copied this from my post on the reloader thread.


Anyone have any good loads for a .40 cal S2K? I have a .40 cal M Series on order now so I loaded up some today for when it comes in. I’ve had real good luck with slower burning Blue Dot from my 9mm S2K so that’s what I’m starting with for the .40. 180 gr. Hornady XTP, 7.8 gr. Blue Dot, WSP primers. Cartridge O.A.L. 1.125"


.40 S&W
I use 165 Rainier HP
WSP primers
4.5 grn Hodgsdon titegroup
1.135 OAL
I liked the crisper response with TITEGROUP powder.
Not TITEWAD- it’s too hot I think.
If you are regularly shooting 50yds I would go to 4.7 grains of powder.


Trying a new load for the 9mm S2K. I wanted to try a light fast bullet so I decided on a 90 gr. Hornady XTP. Loaded up 7.2gr. Power Pistol on Winchester small pistol primers. Used Fiocchi brass since I had a bunch of it from testing the optic mount. This is not a +p load, but is at the top of the standard 9mm load chart… Hornady book shows it @ 1400 fps from a 4" barrel. Should be in the 1650 to 1700 fps range from the 16" S2K. Hoping for a load that I can terrorize some pigs with or maybe a whitetail or 2 with.
Will post again once I test for accuracy.


that almost packs the brass doesn’t it?
Is the XTP round nose?


No, the XTP (Extreme Terminal Performance) is a hollow point defensive type projectile.