What Other Firearms You Own?


@GOBLIN There are a few Sheridan Blue Streak (5mm, .20 cal) up for bidding on Ebay right now, some with the original box. Life is short, you can relive that childhood!


You can also get them the Steroid treatment from Mac1 Airguns for more powah! :+1:


@GOBLIN wow, you wont believe this but my hunting buddy has that gun I think. I know the one he has is a Sheridan and 20 cal. I don’t know how many models Sheridan made similar to that. Its in good shape.
It’s been quite a while ago but I have shot it and it worked great then.
I’ll give him a call.

I"ll take a pic of my 22cal crossman pump that looks like that.


another pair of beauty’s

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This is the Ruger Explorer that I got back with the diana. I dug through my box of old parts and found this cheapie Gamo scope. The cross hairs aren’t square up and down with the scope but I turned them straight and the side adjust. clears the mount. It seems to shoot straight so for.


my Crosman 140 22 cal.

this one is the 3rd variant. 1956 - 1962


This topic probably should be split to a new air rifle topic… I like them though, I been eyeballing an air rifle, still kinda debating on which one…


Believe it or not, we actually had a decent one going, but it got closed. That’s why I asked above if we were allowed to talk about them again.


Was it on the firearms category or uncategorized? I know km55 kinda tried to keep it real tight with the subjects but if you put it in the uncategorized, I don’t see why he would close it…:astonished:

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He had a very strong desire to close/delete threads that hadn’t had any activity for about 14 days rather than leave that history (collective knowledge) so people could find it (or the moderators could direct them there) and keep posting in the appropriate place. Can’t do that if the thread’s been closed and/or deleted.

His reasoning, which still may be indeed valid, was to save forum space. We haven’t hit any sort of forum limit yet, so we’ll cross that bridge if/when we ever come to it.


Kudos, I think his point is probably a valid one but I would have worked more towards eliminating duplicates and keep the rest alive in the proper category for archival means. I think he did a good job but I don’t think he had very much experience in managing a forum, anyway, you mods are doing a great job :+1::+1:


Actually, the membership as a whole has been doing a great job. A very well behaved bunch! :+1:


No offense but thats insane

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It was just his way of doing things and he was a very good Admin/mod who put a lot of time into the forum until “life” got in the way and he stepped down. It’s all good. :slight_smile:


Second @km55 doing a great job! Everybody has their quirks but he was handed a brand new forum in its infancy and did an admirable job lifting it off the ground!


@Kona I agree that he did a great job in getting us up and running. Not everybody does things in the same way, but he had the job and did good.


I second the admirable job by km55, two cheers for km55! :+1::+1:


@Wedge @Boomchucker @Kona @Matt all you guys are doing a great job as well, I love the fact that since my time here I haven’t seen any pissing matches or petty arguments. We are all here to learn and help each other and we have to remember we are all on the same side. Great bunch of guys that make up the brotherhood for sure.


In the spirit of KM55 I’ll say it this time Danger Will Robinson and back on topic!! LMAO


Thanks guys, I really miss being on here. My time is so limited these days. I love the way everyone helps each other and it is a Brotherhood. Keep up the great work