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What Other Firearms You Own?


thats funny, I used to have a 686.
This thing is a Bear River co2 bb/pellet gun.


I was wondering what was up with those screws, they don’t really use that in most firearms… Although, I have seen some that have even more crude design then that and be an actual firearm :exploding_head:


Screws like the SUB2000. LOL


Quite a lot really, may years of appropriation, some favorites: sig p250 in 9mm, 40, and 45, keltec pmr 30, mosberg shockwave in 12 guage, cz 455 in 22lr, heavy barrel Ruger 10/22, ar 10, sig ssg 3000 in 308, Remington 700 and savage model 12 in 308 with long heavy barrel, used for up 1000yard competition, a couple of mosin nagants and of course the new favorite, sub 2000 in 9mm


Wow, What firearms do I own, my wife will tell you "too many"let us see
4- 9 mm pistols
4- .22 cal 1- Revolver, 2-Derringers (matched set consecutive ser # Gold plated) 1-pistol
4- Air Rifles 1-.177 cal break barrel 1-CO2, 2-PCP all of these are extremely accurate)
1- 20 GA shotgun
1- AR-15
1- SKS
1- FN- FAL
1- .22 cal WMR
1- .45 Cal Pistol
I guess that is about it, for now, thinking about adding a .380 pistol.
P. Owens SFC Ret.


Im sitting at something like 20 long guns and like 15 pistols, not an exact count by any means i regularly find a gun i forgot i owned when i look in safe #2 or safe #3, and doesnt count the probably 2 or 3 AR15s i could build out of my parts bin.


My newest: Palmetto State Armory .300 BLK AR pistol. 8.5 in barrel. Should get a chance to shoot it a little tomorrow.

Got a replacement pistol grip, angled foregrip, 20 Rd mag for lower profile, and light mount en route from Magpul. The grips and BUIS are all grey for a nice accents.


LOL yeah, I think its unanimous, those screws give it away.
When I saw it for the first time I thought the same thing, and so did two friends.


Well, other than those screws, you could have had me fooled… Even with those screws, if you would have told me it was a South American knock off of something, I might have believed it…


yeah, its a very rare piece.
Made in Bangladesh, for the Dutch West India Company, to give to their people working in French Polynesia. LOL


picked this up cheap the other day, works fine was just ugly, cleaned it up with brass wool and ordered the steel receiver for it…

20$ at a pawn shop


@goblin I had one of these growing up my dad gave me I loved the heck out of it. Wow you just sent me back


@Flogrown Oh man, that is a sweet 20.00 find. One of my friends has been looking for one of those for a while now.
He had one growing up too and it was, and still is, one of his favorite things of all time.
Im not even sure if I should tell him. He will just die in his tracks from envy.

And if that isnt enough, check this out. Yesterday he dropped by to pick up a couple mountain bike frames and misc. parts I told him he could have.
George walks in the shop, and in each hand he is carrying a barrel break pellet rifle. Both which (although unbeknownst to him) used to belong to me. And one that I have wanted to have back for a long time.
So I make us a couple cocktails, we set down, and here’s what he says about the rifles.

By complete chance the day before he ran into Harry, one of our old friends and the guy I sold them to long ago, at the gas station. He was loaded up and moving back to Spokane, Washington.
They talked for a few minutes, went in and paid for their gas, and came back out.

Harry said, “I have something I’m going to leave with you, and you will know what to do with it.”
Harry dug out a duffle bag, handed it to him, got in his old Jeep Wagoneer and drove out leaving George standing there.

One was a Ruger Explorer and the other one was this.
My old Diana Model 45.
I’m still just trying to process the reality of the entire occurrence, including the fact that you found Georges favorite kind of gun, from his past
I expect to wake up at any moment and realize I was only dreaming about an old girlfriend. LOL

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That Diana sure is sweet. They discontinued the 45 in 2004. Hang on to it!


Enfield .577, Italian Sharpes 1874 45/70,Bsa Sortsman .22,Savage Axis 308,Cz.17 Hmr.Uberti .44 Colt and .36 Colt Greener mk1 12g,Remington 1100 12g


Are we now allowed to talk about airguns? LOL

Beeman R7 and Blue Lam R9 Limited Edition, both in .177. I also have an RWS M54 in .22. It’s a beast.


Im just beside myself that I truly have it back in my possession. Over the years i have thought of it quite a few times and wished I had kept it.
And here is a couple reasons why. 10 rounds at 40 feet and 3 rounds at 50 yards.

Then the breeze came up a bit. next two are 15 RNDS each Outside red ring is 7 inches.

with no wind it should consistently group within 4-5 inches and without shooter error it is capable of doing better than that. If it is calm later I will set up a 100 yard target and see how tight i can get it using some better pellets.


@Wedge that R7 :ok_hand:t2: Very nice!


The only way I will ever turn loose of it again is if one of my great or great, great nieces, nephews, or some other young person comes along that really deserves to have it. Then I would happily pass it on. Giving someone else at least a little bit of the opportunity that I had so incredibly much of as a kid.


LOLOL Jeffing65, I could be talked out of it, if he could find a Sheridan Blue Streak,(5mm 20cal) I had one growing up, you would be surprised how many squirrels it put on the table day to day.
I got back from Boot and first deploy, and it was gone… been looking for a while for a replacement. doesn’t matter the condition, long as its re-buildable. loved that air rifle.

looked like this one.