What Other Firearms You Own?


Was a NFA joke, the bug assault appears to have a barrel shorter than 18.5 inches long thus if it actually were a firearm would have to be registered as a short barreled shotgun or an all other weapon


@Chris19d my understanding is it’s 18 not 18.5. That’s what I’m missing about it.

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@Chris19d unless most people go 18.5 to not risk ATF having a different measurement.

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I youre right about the legal barrel length. I just always screw that up because so the shortest factory barrels remington does on normal 870s is 18.5, and most people cutting down shotguns do the same kind of thing to cya.


@Chris19d I never cared about the idea of an SBS anyway. Until mossberg came out with the shockwave, and SBTactical made a brace for it, and Opsol made a conversion clip to let it feed mini-shells. Then I became interested in the NON-SBS SBS haha. I’ll get that setup one day.

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This configuration is still a “firearm”


Im not really a shotgun guy, i shoot skeek occationally and i do own a “tactical” 870, but for defense its very low down the list of guns id grab. So personally, i dont have much interest in those nfa grey area shotguns. They do look cool though.

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@Chris19d I had a Tristar M-Tac shotgun but ended up selling it. I’m not a big shotgun guy either. I currently do not own one.


It’s not a firearm. LOL

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Kona’s exactly right. The BATFE limit is 18 inches. Much “safer” just to make a barrel 18.5 inches because it really adds no appreciable extra length, but it’s just enough extra to make sure there are NO issues if it ever gets measured by the BATFE. It’s protection against an agent’s ruler, dowel, etc if it happens to be 18.1 inches that day because we all know they’d never “cheat” when they’re fishing for a violation. :roll_eyes:


@wedge i know, was joking


I know. Just had to be sure. :rofl:


I know what you mean, lots of wierd shit ends up posted on gun forums lol…

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speaking of weird things…

pistol. AA ARMS AP-9
You wouldnt believe how many mods and changes i did to this unit, just to make it where it would fire, without breaking the polymer grip into pieces… these were out prior to any of the poly guns, including glock. they soured me on any more poly based firearms for years… I was on my 4th grip assy, and LEE SPRING company was on my frequent caller list by the time i got it right…


WOW I used to have one of those. Or at least similar.
The one I had I don’t remember being poly though.
Its been a long time but it seems to me my model was AA9.
I bought it in the mid 80s and it was 115.00-120.00 new.


@jeffing65 I hate that I missed out on the gun prices of the 80s and early 90s.


LOL I just miss them. Wish I still had some that I bought back then. At the same time I bought the AA 9mm I bought a new Colt Woodsman 22lr for 147.00
Traded and sold a lot of them trough the 90’s but I wish I would have kept a few, like the woodsman.


I hear you on that, but in 20-30 years someone might be saying the same about current gun prices, if we can still attain them legally :roll_eyes:


@Omnivious Quite right.

Here is my newest addition, given to me by a friend.
Take a guess what it is? (I know what it is.)


Hard to tell, there are so many different gun manufacturers out there and so many different iterations of said guns that I can’t even tell some 686 because they have so many different ones… What is it?