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What Other Firearms You Own?


Probably the fact that you have more fun guns that you take so you don’t want to run rounds through a edc type of gun, I only take my shield to the range and put maybe 20-25 rounds of defensive ammo just to make sure it is running well and as long as sights are good, it goes back in the bag and the fun guns come out


@omnivious Since I carry my EDC with me , I always put a couple of mags of my carry ammo down range when I go to shoot. I never thought of my EDC as not a fun gun. :smiley:


I don’t consider my edc as “not a fun guns” but I have more fun guns that I enjoy for the sheer joy of putting rounds through it, such as my s2k and my 22 and my hi point 4095(when I had it), I still love my shield, it’s my shield and I put my life on it, but there are guns that I have more fun shooting😁


Hmmm. Interesting, and good to know, though of course subjective. I’ll certainly see how I like the full size when we get them.

Yeah my Shield is about to be my carry gun, but I don’t love shooting it. Probably because it’s .40 and too snappy for the size. Kinda why I’m considering a step up to a compact. That size seems like it would be more fun, closer to a full size.


@Omnivious You get no argument from me. :smiley:


@TheThreeLaws carry my shield 9 every day. Love it.


I actually enjoy the 2.0. The completely renovated the internals and it’s a decent gun now


Do you put rounds down range with your shield when you go to the range? I have the 40 PC and a 9 mm conversion barrel from remsport, just so I can put rounds through the same gun without the cost of shooting a bunch of 40 Cal, I do put some 40 through it every time but I run more 9 through it than I do 40.


I put rounds through mine every time we go . PC 9mm. The wife loves the gun… It’s just a joy that she loves going to the range.


@Omnivious yea but only 10-15ish


Yeah, I think that’s the problem, I do love my edc but prefer to put the rounds through my s2k or shoot my 22 all day, it’s just cheaper and all day fun without having to worry about the amount of money that’s going through the barrel…:money_mouth_face:


You guys have some impressive lists. I gotta step my gun game up. Home equity loan…hmmmm


Ordered a Palmetto State .300 BLK AR pistol tonight. Thinking I’ll get a Law Tactical folder for the brace, have a nice compact little concealed option for backpacks and stuff. Gotta decide on optics though. Magpul Flip ups, another TRS 25 or maybe splurge a little on something fancy.

Self quoting today. Realized there are 40-9 conversion barrels. Might pick one up. I’ve got Tritium/fiber sights I gotta install (first time using a sight pusher, should be interesting). If I really like carrying the shield, I could splurge on an Apex trigger too.

But I was so, so close to picking up the M&P 2.0c today. That $369 with 50 buck rebate was tempting. Could probably leave the trigger alone, put a PL mini and RMR on, and have a really kickass carry gun. Still a little big but not too bad. I’m still interested in a PPQ or other compact 9, but I’m so familiar with the M&P line that I’m leaning that way. Oh well, passing on it for now. I’ll stick to the Shield and see if I want to upgrade to something larger.


my H&K93 with dot and ART, my other breakdown rifle, charter arms AR-7, that one took a while to make reliable ,only think left stock is the receiver… and one of my FrankenARs with a starlight on it…


My newest gun isn’t a “firearm”, per se. It’s a Bug-A-Salt “shotgun” that shoots salt and blows bugs away. I got the Lawn and Garden edition for more power and salt per shot. Use the Kosher coarse grain salt and it’s like 00 buckshot compared to regular table salt. Tons of fun! :+1:57244e64b451d8a1be73639951bc75c8


@Wedge There is a laser that mounts right to the muzzle for $18.s-l400


I know. I just got the thing. And, the laser should be mounted farther back on the fixed yellow/green area. The orange muzzle tip is just a cover and it’s a bit loose. The actual barrel is metal, though.


@wedgeI knew you had to have one they are pretty fun way to exterminate for sure. So far my trophy kill has to be a Florida Bark Scorpion. Mostly just skeeters and spiders though



That doesnt look like an 18.5" barrel, you got that thing registered as an AOW?


@Chris19d what’s the 18.5?