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What Other Firearms You Own?


I like the Ruger SP101, but it’s “only” five rounds of .357. I don’t like only five rounds of capacity. I think I want something that has more than five rounds in a revolver.


No Outdoor At (Almost a Gun Range) Here in the Big Capitol of AK, You Couldn’t pay me Enough to shoot indoors or without Ear Protection, Although my hearing is :poop: After Nam & working with air tools as a Mechanic and Underground Miner,Jack leg Drills are high up on Quick Ways to loose it even with good Ear Muff’s.


Sweet! with a Rail ! what will they come up with next! And a Adjustable Trigger Now that is Sweet!!:+1:


Boy you said it there. with few exceptions more is always more. Just like engines. you just cant beat cubic inches.
The terrier in my pic is an old gun, 1953 or 54. I got it from a guy that worked for a friend of mine. He earned himself the right to no longer be a gun owner. (out of absolute stupidity as you might guess)
It is in like new condition. I dont think it has had 50 rnds through it. And maybe much less. Its my daily carry because its light and out of the way. I hate to risk any damage to it so i dont carry it out in the rough, but even that is no guarantee. and it really is just flawless. I would be beyond ticked if I gouged it or something.
you know, what do you do? lol


@DivaMarie I’m with you about not shooting with out Ear Protection. I have been lucky, even though I worked in high noise environments I used ear protection often enough that my hearing is about all that is not broken on me. :grinning:


easy to lose, but easy to protect with only a little effort. I have only shot indoors 1 time. that was with a 22lr for gun safety.


that is sweet huh! a 10 rounder next maybe? lol


I always believed in it, but it wasn’t Really MSHA"S or OSHA"S big Bitch till here in last few years
and Working for a Company that got out of TheOld Age thinking Idea)That the Gene pool Of Knowledgeable People/ workers Will last for ever’. And it Really Suck’s Before Ya get the(Aid’s) Having to Repeat What I Can’t Hear ya!!!.


@KM55 yes. Nutnfancy did a review of that combat revolver a while back and it’s definitely in the top of my most wanted list.


oh, i do that all the time. really sucks dont it.


They Used to say as a Expression ! First your Money’ Then Your Clothes’ B.S. The Hearing goes A’Lot Faster than the Fore Mentioned


I’m not a big revolver guy, but that is one bad ass looking revolver. :+1:


I shoot a canik sfx with a rmr 6 moa red dot in carry optics.CZ p09 in three gun to keep me out of open division. a Beretta 1301 competition shot gun and a Bushmaster ar.


Picked up the new S&W M&P Ez shield 380acp for the wife for her B-Day. She has a hard time racking the slide on most semi autos and this thing fits the bill perfectly. Between the 2 of us yesterday we ran 250 rounds thru with not a single hiccup. We ran Winchester 95gr flat points thru it. Accuracy is really good as well. Has a grip safety, optional thumb safety, mag release can be switched to either side, ez rack slide, ez load mags, and adjustable rear sight as well.
Definitely would recommend this pistol to anyone that has a hard time with racking a slide and is recoil sensitive.


I got my wife her M&P 380 EZ for fathers day. Best present I ever bought myself. Knowing that she can protect herself after she gets done with the firearms courses makes it worth while.


Kahr K9
Springfield XD9 SC
Springfield V10 Ultra Compact 45acp
Desert Eagle Mark VII 44 mag
Soon… Mossberg 590A1


Colt AR
Century Arms C39 V2
Custom built AR15
Sig p226 tacops
Sig P320C
Sig 1911 Spartan
Sig 938
Smith & Wesson 2.0 compact
Smith & wesson shield 1.0
Glcok 19
Glock 17
H&K Vp9
Mosin Nagant
Mosin Nagant revolver


How do you like the M&P 2.0C? Duty gun is the 1.0 in .40, we’ll be switching to the 2.0, likely in 9mm.

My Sub matches my .40, but I’ve been considering a 9mm compact as a carry gun. Leaning towards the Walther PPQ but I’m already familiar with the M&P line


@TheThreeLaws I know you weren’t asking me but I have a 2.0c. It’s a great gun, well made, accurate, but it was an impulse buy for me. I never carry or shoot it. It just sits in my gun bag unused. I can’t put my finger on it but I just have no interest in it. I’ll even bring it in my bag to the range and it still doesn’t get used. :man_shrugging:t2:


Sounds like you should gift it to someone that’ll show it some love :grinning: