What Other Firearms You Own?


I want to shot a 1000 yards some day

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Very few places to do it around here. I did it at the NRA Whittington Center

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Anybody ever own a Chiappa Firearms I have two a 1911 style 22lr and aten shot dual action cowboy pistol in 17hmr

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Hi Jeff. Own a Chiappa M1 .22lr carbine. Bought it to go with my .30 M1carbine during the great .22lr shortage. Unfired as of yet. One of these days, maybe.

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In an attempt to keep life simple, my wife and I mostly stick with 9mm.
My carry pistols are M&P9 and Kahr CM9. Hers is an M&P Shield 9. We also have an FNS9 (I am a lefty), but the M&P9 has been more reliable for me.
Home defense long guns are Mossberg 500 12ga and a Mossberg youth model 20ga (shorter LOP much better for her). Plus of course the sub2K gen2!


Any issues with light strikes or firing pin not striking the primer at all? Heard this was a common issue. We just created an extra power firing pin spring. Interested?

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Dang you guys are on the ball. I did have light strikes and couldn’t shoot my Bosnian surplus, shot that in the mini instead. Finally, the mvp gave up, but Mossberg took care of things for me quick and free. Funny, as 3 weeks back, my mini gave up, and I shot the nato stuff in my mossberg. Sent my mini in to Ruger and they sent me back a new gun. I will be hitting you up for a spring for the mvp, like having spare parts and like doing the upgrades.


@ChrisNelson I saw a video of this happening to a Ruger Mini 30 and the owner found that the bolt face was crowned up around the firing pin so he just did a little fine rubbing with a stone and flattened it out, problem solved.


Chris, I was on your site, didn’t see the mvp spring. I did see some mini 14 stuff…woot. Just got a brand new mini from ruger in exchange for my 2 year old mini that up and died on me…nice having a barrel that’s 3000 rounds fresher :slight_smile:

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Springfield Armory M1911
Springfield Armory M1911 #2
Taurus .38 Spcl
FIE .22 auto
H&R .32 revolver
Ruger 22/45 Lite
Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm
Smith & Wesson M&P Shield (Performance Center) 9mm
Smith & Wesson M&P Shield #2 9mm
Taurus 627 Tracker .357 Mag, 6.5 Matte Stainless Steel Ported 7rd

Diamond Arms 12g sb
Crescent Firearms co 16g
FIE 12g sb
Winchester M12 20g
New England Firearms 20g
New England Firearms 20g #2
Savage Arms 20g pump
Remington Model 870 20g
Mossberg 930 Proseries Sporting 12 gauge
Winchester Model 1400 12g

Springfield 87A .22
Ithica Model49 .22 ss lvr
.303 Brit sporterized
Springfield M1903 Sporterized
6.5 Jap
7.7 Jap
Marlin Model 60
Colt LE6920
Kel-tec Sub2000 9mm
AR Lower - Anderson Manufacturing AM15 (Project)
AR Lower - Anderson Manufacturing AM15 (Project)#2


My 9mm&22 TCM back up for the Sub!

Sub 2000 9mm owners

Ok, here we go,


Remington 870 wingmaster 410 ga skeet grade light weight
Remington 870 wingmaster 20 ga skeet
Remington model 1100 410 ga
Remington model 1100 12 ga
Winchester model 12 12 ga
Stevens model 311D dbl barrel 20 ga 3 inch (in pic)
Harrington and Richardson 410/12mm choke (in pic)
Stoger model 350 Turkey 12 ga

Winchester model 1894 win. 32 special (in pic)
Remington .30 Remington pump (in pic)
Remington model 12 pump 22 cal (in pic)
Remington model 700 adl 30/06
ruger M77 .223
ruger 10/22 22lr
Browning BLR .308 Win.
Kel Tec Sub 2000 Gen 2 40 s&w


Hi Standard Sport King 7 in barrel 22lr
Smith & Wesson model 32 terrier snub nose .38s&w
Star 31P Starvel finish 40 s&w

this list is incomplete but covers the lions share

also i will post a little tidbit in the sub2000 category regarding the H&R 410


I have one myself got it for the misses she didn’t like the kick it had 38cal it’s from the 70 s with exposed hammer it’s in hidden safe in living room if someone try to come in uninvited got a hollow point for them


and doesn’t make your ears ring without ear plugs either i’d wager


indoors huh? ouch…
I was meaning when it was a hunting shot however.
just like the kick and sore shoulder, .when i was making any big game shot it never made my ears ring. But that same single target shot would.


What I can’t Hear You !:rofl: Let Alone the Cross Eyed Effect Afterwards !


Only eight so far.

Mossberg .22 target rifle, bolt-action
Taurus full-sized 9
Sub 2000
Winchester 12-guage
Ruger 10 / 22 takedown
Springfield Mod2 .45 pistol
Taurus G2C


it may be only eight, but its ahead of seven. and that means nine should surely be coming into site. lol


You’re correct. Next is a revolver! :sunglasses:


cant go wrong that. do you know what yet?

I bought this 32 terrier snub nose 38 smith and wesson exactly 1 year ago today. and the star 31p 40 cal. a few months later