What Other Firearms You Own?


I should be the proud owner of a nagant pistol later this week does anyone have any experience with them. I dont need it but i love collecting the weird foreign mil surp stuff and it gives me good excuse to hit the gunshows in search of hard to find ammo for my toys. Im glad 7.62x25 tokarav became easier to find because that is probably one of the greatest rounds ever made



Definitely one of my favorite guns, and maybe my favorite handgun:

.44 magnum, of course.


@cico7 had a 320 for a few years now. I have the compact and the full size kit. No problems concealing.


I figured that breaking into double digits deserved a family photo. Gun #10 is a 10/22. Saw a great deal for a 10/22 for $180 and mentioned it to a coworker, and he offered to match it. It’s used, but in great condition, and of course saved on shipping/tax/transfer. The plan is to put it into a HTA 90/22 chassis (cus I like Stargate but also like money).

I started less than 3 years ago, but most have been in the last year. In order of purchase:

Smith and Wesson Shield .40
Colt 1911 .45 (series 70)
Kel-tec Sub2000 .40 (M&P mag)
North American Arms Pug .22MAG (and LR cylinder)
Palmetto State Armory .300blk pistol
Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0c 9mm
Henry Golden Boy .22lr
Mossberg 500 12g
Kel-tec CP33 .22lr
Ruger 10/22

It’s an ecclectic bunch, to be sure, but I enjoy them all. It’s a mix of carry and defense oriented guns, a few that are primarily for collection, and some more fun range guns. Certainly some overlap.

It’s been an interesting and educational journey, and I’m far from done. Fully planning on a decent AR rifle, a Smith and Wesson revolver, and probably a CZ 75 (PCR or D Compact I expect). From there, who knows?


nice collection if you like them thats what counts @TheThreeLaws