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What Other Firearms You Own?

I should be the proud owner of a nagant pistol later this week does anyone have any experience with them. I dont need it but i love collecting the weird foreign mil surp stuff and it gives me good excuse to hit the gunshows in search of hard to find ammo for my toys. Im glad 7.62x25 tokarav became easier to find because that is probably one of the greatest rounds ever made



Definitely one of my favorite guns, and maybe my favorite handgun:

.44 magnum, of course.


@cico7 had a 320 for a few years now. I have the compact and the full size kit. No problems concealing.


I figured that breaking into double digits deserved a family photo. Gun #10 is a 10/22. Saw a great deal for a 10/22 for $180 and mentioned it to a coworker, and he offered to match it. It’s used, but in great condition, and of course saved on shipping/tax/transfer. The plan is to put it into a HTA 90/22 chassis (cus I like Stargate but also like money).

I started less than 3 years ago, but most have been in the last year. In order of purchase:

Smith and Wesson Shield .40
Colt 1911 .45 (series 70)
Kel-tec Sub2000 .40 (M&P mag)
North American Arms Pug .22MAG (and LR cylinder)
Palmetto State Armory .300blk pistol
Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0c 9mm
Henry Golden Boy .22lr
Mossberg 500 12g
Kel-tec CP33 .22lr
Ruger 10/22

It’s an ecclectic bunch, to be sure, but I enjoy them all. It’s a mix of carry and defense oriented guns, a few that are primarily for collection, and some more fun range guns. Certainly some overlap.

It’s been an interesting and educational journey, and I’m far from done. Fully planning on a decent AR rifle, a Smith and Wesson revolver, and probably a CZ 75 (PCR or D Compact I expect). From there, who knows?


nice collection if you like them thats what counts @TheThreeLaws


damn coulda swore i posted my newest sweetheart in this thread.
I call her Amber. sweet Lil thing. I saved her from a life of hunger, as its a 2013 unit, never been fired… 5.7X28 FN Five seveN shown here as a size comparison with myUSP
I would say half the weight with 20 rounds in the magazine.7%20x%2028%20mm%2020%206_28_13%201


Geez, I just got a couple, but I buy Hoppe’s by the barrel.


Tromix AR-458 SOCOM Aero Precision Lower w/ Vortex Viper PST Gen 2 1-6 X 24
Anderson AM 10 .308 w/ Vortex HS-T
Benelli Sport 12 ga
Browning BAR 338 WM w/ BDX seierra3 6.5-20×52
Colt AR 15 Sporter II W/ 37mm Grenade Launcher
Franchi S.P.A.S. 12 Ga
Freedom Arms 454 Casull 7-1/2"
Glock 17L
Glock M24 40
Glock M24 9mm w/vortex viper red dot
Glock M34
H&R 308/ Leupold Scope 3x9x40
Kimber Ultra Carry 45 ACP
Marlin 989 M2 22
Ruger 10/22
Ruger 50th flat top 44 Hamilton Bowen 6-1/2"
Rossi Cyclops .357
Ruger 44 auto carbine
Ruger Old Model BH 45 4-5/8" Long Colt and ACP cylinders
Ruger Old Model Flat top 44 7-1/2"
Ruger Old Model SBH 44 7-1/2"
Ruger single 6 22
Ruger Super Redhawk 44 9-1/2"
Ruger Single Six Stainless 22 LR And 22 Mag Cylinders
S&W 629 Classic
S&W M&P Shield 9mm PC Ported
S&W Series E 1911
SKS Paratrooper w/ bayonett 7.62 x 39
Spikes Tactical AR-40 pistol
Spikes Tactical AR-40 Carbine w/ Eotech 512 optic and Vortex VMX 3T
Winchester 1897 pump 12 ga
Winchester 1906 22
Winchester M1895 405 Win manufacture date 1929
Winchester M94 357 carbine
Winchester M94 44 carbine
Winchester M94 45 carbine
Winchester model 61 Pre 64 22 rifle


nice , how do you get time to shoot them all and you must spend a fortune on ammo @Albroswift


My other carbine.


Rotate through them, if I’m lucky I shoot a few every weekend. Reloading saves a little $$, Dillon 650 and 2 rockchuckers the real pain is cleaning them, wheel guns in particular have a lot of holes and parts that don’t just drop out!


@Albroswift Quite a collection you have there. Rather like the look of this 1911, especially the fish scale serrations on the slide. :+1:t3:


The E Series Smith has got to be one of the nicest shooting strait out of the box 1911s out there. Fitted an ambi safety and that was it. Accurate, smooth, and crisp .


@Albroswift So it looks great and shoots great…shame I live in MD or I’d have one…:unamused:


holy moly didn’t know it was that bad there, sorry.
wa is making it tougher every year, been going after transfers and purchases lately, just classified every autoloading rifle and shotgun as a “semiautomatic assault rifle” including .22s. need proof of an approved training class to even buy a 10/22…


Marbles 1921 Game Getter 22LR
410 - 2" brass shell or Marbles own .44 Game Getter cartridge





love that game getter same years as my old H&R Trapper :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: