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What Other Firearms You Own?


Funny Kenny! I’ll contact you when I get dates for free time in October to go shoot.


@KM55 I would never had the pleasure of meeting you if it weren’t for the brotherhood. Though we are all only typing to one another I almost feel like I know most of you and that is awesome just shows how tight knit we are.


In the beginning of the MCARBO Forum, which is only in its fifth month existence and 1500+ (that makes us all charter members!) there were some ‘bandwidth’ limitations (ie. $$) No one knew where or how this thing would go, and KM55 was instructed to try and keep it in the lines so to speak. Once it was realized a lot of great resource content was being lost, and the site was attracting a super high quality membership, those limitations were lifted. That’s my understanding of the matter.

It also means we’re serving a valuable purpose here to MCARBO. Out of all our discussions arise so many great ideas I want @ChrisNelson to start making NOW! Not later. That’s why I throw in here.


Well said @Boomchucker, hopefully the, I believe 3,additional mods with km55’s absence as admin will be enough to keep this boat rowing in the correct direction.


as we, the members, are trying to learn what were doing and cope with quick expansion and growth, there is an admin. and control center point that every moment of our “collective whole” is heard, compiled, organized, considered, processed, adjusted, guided, etc and then in return answered.
I can only guess at the real number of hours and the sheer number of actions required to make the site we all like so much actually live and function as an entity.

To that end always remember that little light that always burns. It is that spark that gives it ( i.e. us ) all life.

 thank you Kenneth!!!

I dont envy you your task.

It will be 2 months come tomorrow that I posted this reply. I’m not sure what our membership total was then compared to now but @KM55 just in that time we have seen an explosion of members and topics.
Kenneth had the confidence in what we could become, the willingness to volunteer his time and effort, and the courage to face the challenge and accept the responsibility of not only our successes but the possibility of our failures.
From the moment KM55 welcomed me at my first introduction, I not only felt that I was accepted and belonged here.
I WANTED to be here.
So much of what we have today, IMHO anyway, is built on that single, solid and true cornerstone.


Was that ever confirmed? I specifically asked about it and never got anything back.


I think it was back in July, there was some talk in a thread about the initial bandwidth/usage limitations being lifted and a big unlock day where all those oldie but still goodie threads were opened back up and limits broadened.


hey folks - was recently gifted this S&W .32 Safety Hammerless… serial number dates to early 1900s… was my 89-yr-old father-in-law’s mother’s purse gun (she apparently wore a lot of bling while attending operas at the Old Met in NYC back then); shoots Magtech S&W .32 OK (long double-action-only trigger pull); small handgun and very lightweight - nearly perfect, and i believe unfired until some clown named willie got his big mitts on it:

on the ‘just couldn’t resist, could you’ Gulf of Mexico


@linux_author it’s soooo…beautiful!


Since everyone else is posting non firearms in the firearms thread, just got this in the mail white polymer80 80% glock clone reciever.


@Chris19d Well, that’s going to be a fully functioning firearm, so I’d say it’s still on topic. I’d like to build up one myself because that frame looks super comfy. :+1:


@Wedge i dislike OEM glock frames, but these acutually work for me. It’s a fun project building one of these out and you learn alot about how a glock works mechanically.


heres a blast from the past for ya, H&R Trapper 22LR (long barrel ) and a 22cal H&R pocket pistol with a folding trigger…


That is a beauty, lucky you! I wish I had some relatives with firearms to give me… :yum:


also recv’d a pre Model 10 S&W .38 spl nickel-plated snubby, pristine Colt Trooper Mark III .357, and a Colt .357 Magnum (target model)

i think i’m good for .38 spl target shooting at the range?

i fortunately caught his firearms at the right time - they had been wrapped in old kitchen towels for more than 50 years and suffered no ill consequences according to the smith i took them to for clean up (although the snubby was pretty beat up and had to have its hammer bobbed [no replacements available!])

on the Gulf of Mexico


Now you’re just rubbing it in… :roll_eyes:


ya know thats kinda funny.

I was the one to get this subject started again and when you said that I knew as much what had happened.
I was going to ask, is it me, or the subject, that keeps coming back like a bad penny. But then I thought better of it.
I was going to get an answer I didn’t like either way. LOL haha


Man, I love old guns like that… I especially like the Trapper long barrel.
For me, they speak so much to the era they come from and the history they were a part of and witness to.


I was finally able to bring the s&w performance center 686 home. The savage 220 is a bonus.


Yes! Combined holidays are best!!