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What Other Firearms You Own?


I’ve got sk2:2nd gen in 40 cal 12 guage shot gun sub nose 38 a target 38 spl 7 inch barrel lever action 30/30 17 hmr pistol and 2 22lr semi auto handguns wife keeps saying why you think you need more guns


Sub 2000
Glock 34


Nice group of firearms


Sub2000 Gen2 .40
Glock22 Gen3 .40
Glock19 Gen4 9mm


I’d like to own a Glock pistol or two myself when I grow up lol


Lol Never too late to add more to your collection


It’s not Obsession to have over a hundred


Never enough of them


Told a buddy of mine Im done buying guns :laughing: 2 minutes later he says he’s thinking about selling his shotgun so immediately I asked him how much & he just laughed and said youre not done


As my one friend say black guns matter nice group there


Am 51 I hear iron sights and 100 yards is about it


Sub 9mm
Couple ar’s
Couple glock’s
Several 22lr
Several revolvers

I think I’m done . Lol…my ffl laughs everytime he hears me say that.

Serious this time


Kel Tec Sub 2000 in .40 glock
9mm pistol
.357 2" snub hammerless
AR 15
.40 pistol
20 gauge shotgun
AK 47
.22 semi auto pistol
12 gauge coach gun
.22 bolt action rifles


Well we all know that in constant question that will be able to own and legally possess them itsthis current country our government is going to let that happen or will we lose that right


@Jefft1967, A pal of mine that’s got over a hundred they’re all over his house everywhere. He must have 25 gun safes.
Storeing them all becomes a real pain in the ass trying to keeping them organized for use.


Kel Tec Sub 2000 in 9mm
Sar 9mm
AR 15
Magnum Research 22 HMR 10/22 25 Round Magazine
22 TCM / 9mm Rock Island By John Glass, Custom Slide and Duracoat and 3 pound Trigger.
375 H&H Mag Left Handed Long Barrel
Sig 22 SEMI Auto
(2) PMR 30’s K.E.L. T.E.C. (6) 30round Mags
Henry Golden Boy 22 HMR Lever Action
Henry 22 Lever Action
Ruger 22 L.C.R. Magnum


If you only Realized all the Assbackwords comments I have Taken over the years on the Original Brotherhood Site’ The 40’s Thinking we should have been Drowned at birth Etc!:rofl:


Then you can imagine the fun I had in a Catholic Military School with the Wicked Witch of the North! Sister Teresa and Her Favorite was 4 or 5 Plastic Rulers in a Fanning Motion to Correct my Writing Skill’s ! !:joy:


Nice selection of firearms my wife a lefty myself am ambidextrous


Five long years! T’Was a Strange Adventure’ Catholic Studies till noon ! Then to the Rifle Range for the Afternoon! I think we are talking the Original Yin and Yen Theory of life here.