M*CARBO Brotherhood

What is your favorite holster?

Im glad your so happy with your newest holster @TexasEskimo. You wanted texas so texas is what you got. I hope i done the state proud. I had the test piece layin on my table after i got the holster and koozie finished so i figured id sew some velcro on the back and turn it into a matching moral patch for the hell of it. And im sorry to hear the screws worked loose on your shoulder rig @Stircrayzy some things i put loctite on before i ship them. But something like your shoulder rig i dont loc screws before hand that way they can be adjusted by customer to size then i allways make mention to customer to loc tite once fitting is done. Now i cant have no control with what customer does with the warning after i give it😆 . If you do end up needing some more Chicago screws to match whats on there id be happy to send you some brother.


Thx dave, its all on me… i knew better and got lazy. I should have plenty on hand to replace what i lost in the woods!


I just got a C & G Holsters custom kydex covert OWB for the new Walther PDP. A couple of the options I wanted made it a custom job, a high sweat guard and a suppressor height sight channel. Other than that, nothing special. They said it would be a 60 DAY back log. I was fine with that since this won’t be a carry gun anyway. But it only took 2 weeks. Great sturdy kydex and a good low profile design. I could actually carry this gun with winter clothing. Only issue I have is retention. Meaning, if you tighten the retaining screw just a little, the damn thing feels like it’s locked up. Not a good thing I’m thinking. So I loosened the screw all the way and lock tighted it up so it won’t get looser and fall out. Now it gives a nice smooth draw with that nice audible click. So if you grab one, just be aware that you’ll probably need to play with the retention a bit. But once you get it right it’s a great holster. And, made right here in Pennsylvania.