What is the SUB-2000 barrel nut torque specification?

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Anyone out there know what the SUB-2000 barrel torque specification is for Gen 2? Thanks in advance!



Hey, great question.
I would also like to know. Am preparing to crack my SUB2K open for a bunch of upgrades and will be replacing the nut and bolts to steel on reassembly.
If I am not mistaken, I believe a certain grade of lock tight was also part of the reassembly but don’t quote me on that.
Stay tuned, I’m certain several folks know the torque specs.


Tight, but not over tight. Just like everything else in the known universe.
My gunsmith installed mine. I would ask him but he is dead now.


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OK, is any type of lock tight used/recommended.
I believe I read here on the Forum that the bolt/nut came loose on sombody’s SUB2K.

So tighten them up, and keep an eye on them for a while while firing and afterwards, check if they are still tight.

Is that what you mean, or goes without saying?

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Use the Blue Loctite. Easier to loosen when you want it to. And… it tastes better than Red (I always somehow get a little on my fingers).

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I made the mistake of using red lock tight on my enduro motor casing, that’s more than somewhat permanent stuff.
I will use a dab of blue as noted.
There must be a torque rating or is it truly just a guess snug tight. Being plastic I would not want to over tighten them… :roll_eyes:
“Rolling back to original question”


The generally accepted range for barrel torque is 50-100 ft lbs. Given it’s a PCC and there’s a lot of plastic involved at the breech end, I’d limit at 70 ft lbs.

I was taught to use oil or never seize in the threads, but some prefer Loctite. The procedure I learned was torque it to 30 ft lbs, take it back off, repeat. Then the third time tighten to spec. But that’s for a new barrel. If you torque it correctly, thread locker shouldn’t be necessary. But as long as it’s blue, there’s no harm in using it.

Better safe than sorry. I’d send an email to KelTec and ask.

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TYVM, I didn’t want to over or under torque, but still add some lock tight for safe measure.
Cheers, :+1:

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