What is the best, most reliable, budget friendly 22 magnum semi auto rifle?

I had a few semi auto pistols in 22 mag but never a rifle. I’m on a kick of matching pistol caliber handguns with rifles, both semi auto and bolt action with revolvers.
Your opinions are always welcome and always helpful.


Don’t forget lever guns, I think you’ll find a number in .22 Mag. :+1:

Never went for one but always had an interest in one of these…


My little sister has a rossi semi auto in 22lr and for the price it is hard to beat. And they make same rifle in 22 mag. I dont have hands on experience with it but can fully vouch for the 22lr version. Heres first link i came to when i looked it up. Might find it for less elswhere. Rossi RS22 Black Semi Automatic Rifle - 22 WMR (22 Mag) - Black | Sportsman's Warehouse
And i beleave they make it in bolt action as well.


Not really budget “friendly”, but a Ruger 10/22 chambered 22 WMR would be tough to beat. Don’t know how hard they are to find. I’ve never seen one. But I know they exist.


I’ve owned two Rossi RS22W rifles and they can’t be beat for the price.
Both run flawlessly. The 10 round mags are good quality as well.

I gave both to my brother after I built an awesome AR-15 in 22WMR.
Bear Creek has complete uppers at great prices.


Last spring I bought a 22 Magnum AR upper from Bear Creek Arsenal. I have taken it to the range once and it has been fantastic. At 25 yards zeroing almost any type of ammunition i put through had the same impact position. And it ran flawlessly. I was hesitant due to Bear Creek’s reputation, but this thing has convinced me to give them another shot. So I purchased a 17 HMR upper from them to try out. I am trying to get rimfire calibers in an AR platform, as sometimes they get overlooked in gun control legislation.



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My goto shopping place.

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Thank you all for your input on finding a reliable 22 magnum rifle. I bought a kel tek cmr30. There are several rifles that may fill what I’m looking for in a semi auto 22 mag, but i have had 2 pmr 30’s and have several magazines that will fit both the cmr and pmr. Is the cmr a pretty rifle? Does it have the look and feel of a rifle with a nice stock? In my opinion to both questions, No. Does it work, is it reliable and accurate and is it priced fairly…My opinion is Yes to all of those. I’d guess a lot of us have dated and maybe even married someone with similar pros and cons. Some times those “model” types with the long flowing hair and hour glass figure (walnut stock) doesn’t always fill all of our needs or just has a funky attitude (jams / fails to feed) so we choose the one we feel best about.