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What if they NFA magazines?

One of the proposals I heard that the incoming administration will implement is to require owners of “high capacity” gun magazines to get a $200 NFA tax stamp for each magazine. I believe the definition of high capacity is 11 rounds or more. Not sure about that definition though.

Let’s assume that definition is accurate. I want to state for the record that the one magazine I own is 10 rounds. :innocent: But, I believe most double stack pistol mags are 17 rounds or so. Most AR mags are 30 rounds. Glock happy sticks… 33 rounds. Etc. Etc.

What are we, er, you guys, gonna do if they enact this law? :thinking:


@JimmySquib "All were lost at Sea’ in the Storm of 96’ along with My weapons’ :laughing:


Living the the People’s Republic of Kaliforniastan has taught us how to reduce or neuter the capacity to 10 rounds. A pop rivet strategically located will limit an AR mag, most any other can be limited by a plug commercially made by many aftermarket vendors. The first photo shows a 30rnd AR mag that’s been neutered, the 20rnd mag is also but the rivet isn’t visible in this photo One can also dimple the AR steel/Al mags as shown in the second photo, which shows various mag blocks.


Mags are not serialized so I’m sure they would have fun trying to get them all registered. All I could see them doing is trying to make all new mags NFA even then I doubt they will ever get that pushed through.



I’ll just become a Felon!


I think you realy should take @DivaMarie s advice, and take a risky boat ride down the nearest river. My mags were all attached to my guns that fell overboard back in 2019. You couldnt imagine how hard i cried that day.

  • please read with implied sarcasm* if you arent a member of an alphabetic bureau*

I’d bet you’re still dehydrated and in need of counseling after such a tragedy. :joy:


What this guy said. This stupid $hit needs to stop, yesterday. They sell these policies to the ignorant masses under the guise of making/keeping the public safe when they will actually do nothing of the sort. Their ultimate goal is disarmament. Plus, I expect that the people making the laws have knowledge of what they are legislating. I think we all know Biden/Harris et al. are feckin’ clueless…but they know what sells to gun-ignorant scared American voters and gun haters who are under the illusion they’ll be able to keep their 1st amendment rights without the 2nd.

Sorry kids, the Bill of Rights is all or nothing, no cherry-picking allowed. In the end, this is our country not theirs, and we may just end up needing to remind them of that very fact. They are our employees. I don’t think they have a clue as to what they are fighting in terms or real numbers.

This country wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for a rag-tag group of armed citizens who’d had enough of the $hit sandwich the Brits were feeding us. Some people need a refresher lesson in American history.


200-300 million firearms and 12 trillion rounds of ammunition for starters.


Yeah. They think they are our masters and that we need to be educated to their enlightened vision.


Damn right!!!

They may just get that lesson.



If yu are going to do that why even have hi cap mags? Just go and pick up a bunch of 10 rnd mags.

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A Glock 17, for instance, is designed for a 17 round magazine. You can’t buy a 10 rounder. As far as I’ve found you can only modify a 17 rounder by installing a limiter that reduces it to 10 rounds.


The question was how to avoid a 200 dollar “tax” on them. I offered a solution to that. Standard cap mags weren’t always illegal here.


Sure you can. Glock has been selling to nanny states for years.

Agree wholeheartedly regarding the stupidity.

I wish there was a way to get the anti legislators to tell us the impact expected from these silly laws. Then they have an objective. When the laws fail to meet their objectives they should sunset.


Hmmm. I did several searches before I made that post and didn’t come across anything other than conversion kits. I’ll take your word for it. Update: I have found 10 round PMAGs for Glock. I haven’t had good luck with their pistol mags though.

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Yup they make 10 round mags for all sorts of guns. If you see them they look like a larger mag cut off with a plastic portion that was added on. The nice thing about these is they will break off usually around the 20th time you drop them during a magazine exchange.

Regarding my mags…well they were all turned into FEMA when they came in to clean up after this summers fires. So check with them…


When the laws fail to meet their objective (as they most certainly will) they’ll do the same thing they’re doing with the virus lock downs - extend and widen them.