What firearm does this magazine go to

My in laws recently bought a used truck. Found this is in. Any idea what it goes to


@aadavis94 That’s a CZ logo. Can you post a pic of the entire mag in view?


With the 2 sets of cutouts, it’s most likely for a CZ P-07, P-09, or P-10 series


Thank you guys. I was thinking it might be cz but um not familiar with them at all


@aadavis94 if you have a local gun shop that sells CZ, maybe bring the mag in and see if it fits in any of the pistols they have


ask the person who they bought it from, it’s that simple.

In related news:

A former co-worker hops into a Hertz rental car - under the plan where you pick the one you want and get in. Puts her bag in the trunk and gets in the car. Sitting on the passenger side floor is a pistol rug with a gun in it.

She turned it in.

I read something that suggested the #1 place where misplaced guns are found is movie theaters. No idea if that’s true or not.