What Firearm Do You Keep In Your Vehicle?


For YEARS it was my Colt Trooper in .357 mag(were Troopers available in any other flavor?) as it was my only handgun and it practically lived in whatever vehicle was my designated DD at the time but lately the goblins-no offence intended-have begun to gang up BIGLY and are roaming the streets of metro ATL every night prowling and breaking into cars, car jacking, doing ‘sliders’ (waiting at a gas pump until someone isn’t paying attention so they “slide” behind the wheel and take off with somebody else’s car! So I decided it was better to just tote something smaller that would fit in the front pocket of me bib overalls (my usual daily attire until it gets too hot!)and I don’t ever leave one in the truck! That is why I now own two Walther PPS’s-a Gen 1 in .40 and a Gen 2 in 9mm, plus a Remington R51 in 9mm and a RM380 and they’re all rotated regularly. Smaller in the summer and larger in the winter depending on the temp…


watch yer butt this weekend snuffysmiff they will be a influx of out of town “goblins” in ATL… that time of year again, pre-daytona…:+1:


Said it before and will say it again…don’t live in places you can’t have a gun rack in your truck or a shotgun behind the front door.

It just ain’t civilized! :grin:



We’re about 90 miles due north of ‘Goblin-ville’ and it was always quite civilized here. It still mostly is except for the crackheads (I reckon the meth and the rest of the dope and dopes that use it is literally everywhere these days!) But the bastids keep moving and reaching farther and farther out… …well, I’m too old n’ tired to pick up and move any further out and that’s why I got the loud-mouthed Catahoula hound and why the Beretta 1201Fp is either behind the front door or resting comfortably next to the bed at night. Along with the rest of the ‘toys’…


Where is that? Never heard that moniker before. :confused:


Hah! I also once had the distinct pleasure to do a little repo for a short stint back in the day(mid 90’s). Now, that was some scary fun-at times! I played spotter for a one-man repo company and then got roped into actual repo-ing for a couple months until the company went kaput. I will always remember one night around 3AM when me and the ex spotted one that they’d been after for months in one of the darkest parts of Goblinville- on the west side near Bankhead and Simpson (I would not be seen there even in daylight nowadays!). After I called it in and was then helping the repo company owner get it hooked up, imagine my surprise when I look over and there are two Fulton County Sheriff Deputies with the now former owner in cuffs and they were placing him in the back of a squad car! Talk about down on yer luck…


That would be Atlanta, my good sir- a formerly nice place to live…


@SnuffySmiff gotcha! And I agree 100% about not running anymore. Friends putting homes up for sale and moving to Idaho? Nope. I have 3 generations buried in that cemetery, they fought for this land as did I, but I will not abandon our sacred soil!

Of course they can end sport shooting for me…which means I will have a ton of time and extra $$ to figure out how to annoy our state officials! :blush:


Well i like to answer that starting with glock 40 mos 10mm , sig sauer 229 40 cal beretta 92fs, rugar sp101 357, sig sauer 938 , and north american arm black widow 22,22mag i like verity i dont discriminate.


I just read doe v. Medford. That is so wrong that a parent with CHL can come on the school property legally. But a volunteer or employee may not. Seems like a double standard. I have to agree with Jane Doe in this case. It is a shame the court of appeals saw otherwise.


I know that people want a weapon in their vehicle, but the theft rate here in Florida is getting out of hand. If you need to have a weapon in your vehicle , I recommend you take it out of the vehicle when you get out. I have a carry permit and carry everywhere it is legal in Florida, but I take it with me whenever I get out of the car. If I go someplace that it is illegal to carry I put the weapon in a lock box in the trunk. I hope you are safe and carry always.