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What Firearm Do You Keep In Your Vehicle?


Truck gun is my Bulgy Mak loaded with hornady. It occasionally shares the center console with my warm weather carry a SR9C with his spare 17rnd mag. All my carry 9’s use corbon 115 +p.


@silverstring I am assuming a “Bulgy Mak” is a Bulgarian made Makarov?

If so a big :+1:


Yes it is a Bulgarian Makarov. One of my most accurate handguns.


@silverstring a very neat, highly underrated little pistol! I used to sell a lot of those back in the early 90s…went for almost nothing because everyone wanted the 1911s or the “new” Glocks and other high-capacity 9mms back then.


@silverstring I gotta say…yours is such a clean, almost pristine version, I kinda hate that it is your truck gun!

As you know back in the day those guns were bought cheap, used and abused, and only 30 years later with the prevalence of single stack 9s truly appreciated.

If I saw that gun at my FFL I would shove a fistfull of bills in his face and snatch it up in a heartbeat!

I used to have one that I carried in my back pocket. It had the red bakelite grips…sadly I gave it away!


I do keep it in a good holster to protect it. I picked it up from Classic Firearms last year for $219. Bought the hogue grip and cleaned it up. I gotta a great deal.


Beautiful pistol. Is 9x18 still easy to find these days?


hmmm i dont really keep firearms in my vehicle but i do have a get back home bag in my trunk with magazines for my CCW… usually a glock 19… sometimes glock 20 with i want to compensate. lmao


I have no trouble finding it - usually around 13-15 a box for range ammo. Hornady crit def cost $14.99


I don’t keep any firearm in my vehicle. I have had a car stolen before and from what I’ve been told here in Oregon if you have an unsecured firearm in your vehicle and that firearm is stolen you can be held responsible if it is used to injure or kill someone. If I have to leave my carry pistol in my vehicle for whatever reason I have a pistol safe with a braided cable attaching it to the passenger seat to lock it up in.


@aadavis94 whoever told you that is wrong. A weapon LOCKED in a vehicle is secured by definition.

However DAs have a nasty habit of ignoring the law if they can make political gain and change the law through setting new precedent.



Thats a “loaded” question. I always have either my glock 27 or walther PPK on me. I also always have my GHB with me in my vehicle which has my 9mm gen2 S2K and a Glock 17. Since im currently in my travel trailer i also have a Star M30 9mm and my Norinco SKS. Wife is carrying her glock 26 9mm.


currently due to the fact i finally broke down and sent the dusty rusty Makarov out for a nice Dark OD coating, (long battle, rust never sleeps in south Carolina) and seeing i might be working solo at the shop on a allnighter, or pulling something out a swamp that a amorous gator has formed a attachment to, or pulling a repo out of the projects down N Charleston and before a word is said, yes the safety is off on the 1911. if its out of the holster, its “hot” dont matter why who when where whatever. its past muscle memory now, if i break the button on the rig safety is the next click coming out. other than that, carried condition 1.
anyway. my 2 workers day in day out.

Case XX in the door pocket.

Springfield Tweaked Ultra compact SS, and Taurus 4" Tracker SS 44 mag. I cant sweat eat those 2.


What’s that thing screwed on the trigger guard?



Scott, I was thinking the same thing… I thought that @TriggerHappy had gotten a hold of it and performed one of his lobotomies on this 1911??? Laughing madly!


@Wedge @lonewolf LOL at one time that was the easier way to square up your trigger guard for off hand support. rather than the cost of having the guard squared like was done on this colt.

80/90s thing. all pistols then didnt have a squared off guard like most do now like on my USP

at that time on some of em they also had a rail addition on the shoe… but a lot of the brain storming went on then, that triggerhappy is doing now, except we had to use rocks, and old 486 computers with MS-DOS to mosey around and swap info, ya bunch of young whippersnappers!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::smiling_imp:
key to keeping the shoe locked, drill into the frame set screw bit, green locktite…lot cheaper in the 80s than having a frame stretched, then you could buy a used 1911 A1 COLT for about 200$ and that was one you could shake and didnt hear every part on it rattle… darn kids today…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I have the little 4" Rossi in .44 special (before they were bought out and quality declined.) Great little revolver, trigger pull so smooth, was my favorite little camp gun.

Loaned it to my brother 7 years ago and have not seen it since! :laughing:


486 computers??? In my day we had to use the telephone, and wait for the neighbors to get off the party line.


I agree. With people breaking into vehicles I will not leave one overnight.


round here though, gator’s cant reach the door handles on my old rover…:smiling_imp: