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What Firearm Do You Keep In Your Vehicle?


@Johnksg Absolutely, yes. A logging turn is a great multi-useful tool. I always carried a 5 foot rock bar in my truck and bronco.

LOL so have I.

I have had both electric and pto winches and rigging on my 4x’s over the years, but they are still always dependent on a power source or a running vehicle.
As a good example, my 53 Willys had a PTO wide drum Ramsey with a little over 200 feet of 3/8 cable on it.
Even if I could have rigged it to pull me out backwards and onto the road, it was useless. Because of the battery damage I couldn’t restart the jeep to run the pto drive, and for the same reason an electric would have been useless as well.
Such a random, unlikely, and normally temporary nuisance at most kind of an occurrence, would have left me with no possibilities had it not been for a simple come-along.


@jeffing65 you and I are much alike brother!

I used to have a deal with Roseburg lumber co. in exchange for firewatch I used to have all the keys to their gates and could harvest all the downed timber for firewood.

A few years back I came across a mountain biker, all clad in spandex with a bike that was worth more than my old '59 Ford dually. He was from Eugene and by himself getting ready to ride some of the steep trails in the Siuslaws.

I asked him for a name and phone number but he didn’t want to give it to me. (Understandably I guess to a grey bearded old man in worn carharts and carrying a KSG shotgun…I must have looked like something out of Deliverance to him!)

After lunch I note that his truck has not come out of the hills…I drive up in my UTV and call out but can’t find him.

Next morning I head up to cut some firewood and his truck is still there.

I call the rangers and call the sheriff’s dept. Eventually they go looking for this young fella.

We never did find him.

Moral of my story: be it woods or desert, the wilds are nothing to triffle with and take lightly! Go prepared or don’t go!

I see 'em all the time now…folks in the woods who are acting and dressed like they are on the jogging trail in the city park. They are getting “back to nature” and have a sense of self confidence that will kill them.


@jeffing65 how many folks these days even know what a come along or a turn even is? Lol


@Johnksg I have to admit that I am not sure about the turn. I’m guessing it is some kind of block and tackle or a shackle


@godallmighty you nailed it Howard! That is exactly what it is. Allows you to make a 90 degree pull to clear and drag logs.


@Johnksg hahaha… You know, that’s a really good question. I wonder?
Another thing we used to carry with us (and few would recognize today i bet), is one of the old multiple pulley and hemp rope wire stretchers in case we had to cut a fence for some reason we could repair it.


@jeffing65 I still have my wire pullers and mending tool (albeit the smaller version for barbed wire fence). I once burst a radiator hose, patched with aluminum cans and twisted wire using those pullers…that “patch” lasted nearly 20 years until I sold the truck!



One of those things. Being able to redirect and apply force, pull, lift, etc in another direction isn’t as easy as it would seem.


@jeffing65 @godallmighty simple machines…I used to teach leverage and effort force to my 8th grade science students, we built trebuchets and throw watermelon! But now a days it is a lost skill.

Just like the county SVT, requirements were a specialized 4x4, a UHV radio and license, and EMT certification. It got to the point were there was no one under the age of 60 whom could meet those requirements!

We live in a cellphone age!


My seige engine just in case the Huns decided to make a comeback and invade the middle school!

And not a single kid wore safety glasses!:hushed:

…in hindsight I was probably not a good teacher. I liked to blow things up and give 12 year olds power tools! They learned the math, mastered the physics, drew up scale blueprints or they didn’t get to play!


@Johnksg I love siege engines. Trebuchets, catapults, ballistas.
A good artillery piece is always in fashion, and just plain fun, whether your launching w’ocks, w’ead, or watermelons. LOL


@jeffing65 now you asked for it! Lol

From the old days when it used to be fun to teach math and science!


At this point @Wedge is probably thinking I have ranged far afield from the “truck gun” thread…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But as @jeffing65 has pointed out with his tales of pulling his jeep off the side of a mountain, a truck gun is just part of a package of being prepared, and independant.

I couldn’t teach today, I would be arrested, sued, and fired…but I bet a few of those kids have truck guns, and if they get stuck can fashion a big enough lever or use mechanical advantage to get unstuck!

A truck gun is symbolic…a part of being self reliant. Being the type of person who can help themselves vs trying to get a cell phone signal to call for help!


@Johnksg I will accept half the responsibility for us going far right of the rumble strip and reflectors.


@jeffing65 it happens… @Wedge will just have to deal with it. He is probably used to my noodling by now!

(I still enjoyed your stories)


@Johnksg Thanks, that makes happy. This evening I will create a topic to cover our conversation. Something like, “Tales,Tricks, and Tips from the Past” for future navigation and return from the wilderness.


@jeffing65 I can relate to the “oh shit!” Moment when you have a vehicle hanging off the side of a mountain and have to use blocks, come along, winch, and a jack to get home.

Been there and done that…always better as a story, but truth is I was practically crapping my britches!

I think it would make a great thread…but how many people besides you, Howard, and myself can relate?

Oh well, still would be a great topic!!!


@Johnksg It is always great to recount the tales for sure. The times of not only serious but extreme concern, mixed with bits of terror…not as much. :truck::arrow_heading_down::mountain: :scream: :pancakes: hahaha


I know what a come-along is and stretched and repaired plenty of barb wire back in the day. So I can relate although I obviously grew up in less rugged territory - or am just luckier - than you guys as my close calls generally have been far less exciting; except for a few with so-called “domesticated” cattle. We do have folks wander off and die of exposure and the like in Kentucky, but this state isn’t nearly as unforgiving of ignorance and lack of preparation as many others.


I liked the picture of the R/C airplanes. R/C is a huge hobby of mine and I fly everything. Airplanes, helicopters, FPV quads, weird VTOL things, etc. :+1:

But, yeah, we should probably get back to talking about car/SUV/truck guns. :wink: