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What Firearm Do You Keep In Your Vehicle?


@Johnksg Yes, excellent point. It all has to be portable and manageable. It needs to be useful in any situation, not just being hauled around in a truck or carried for a few yards.


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The reason I say that about weight and at least some element of concealability is my experience with SAR and working with LEOs on the range. While a 9mm PDW would not be my choice for a battle rifle I cant exactly hide my M1A in a computer bag either. The S2K does give me an advantage over a pistol however.


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@Johnksg Yes, the s2k does fill the gap between a handgun and a full size rifle, extending the reach beyond a persons local short range area.


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@jeffing65 also can’t overlook the cost. At $369 it is the cheapest weapon I own and I would not cry over it nearly as much as a Socom16 or FN15 if something happened to it.

I look at weapons in this category the same as I do a pocket knife. Maybe not the best tool for the job, but the one you are likely to have with you when you need it!


@Johnksg I totally agree. And it would be unfair to try making a comparison of the s2k to my M77.


The thing is, the sub would not be my choice of go to war weapon if I had a choice but the weapon you have is the one that could save your a$$ in a unforeseen situation, I know there’s a lot of people out there that are a bit snobby about firearms and will laugh at the sub because it’s not a long range sniper rifle or because it’s a pistol caliber, but the thing is that it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg and it’s easy to work on with a couple of tools and yes it’s a plastic fantastic but it works and it’s lightweight makes it more likely that you will have it with you


@jeffing65 the M16 wasn’t my choice of a go to war weapon either…:-1:

But you are absolutely right, there are a lot of gun snobs out there and in my experience many lack the skills and ability to justify their expensive weapons systems. I get “pride of ownership” nothing wrong with it, but if you are the guy showing up to the range with a $3,000 rifle and only can afford a 20 round box of ammo you may want to rethink your strategy.


@Johnksg LOL thats absolutely right. I think a lot of people spend the big dollars just to top everyone they can and make a big show about what they own. The unfortunate thing is, they don’t make an effort to learn and understand anything, about any of it. They make their choices based on what they have heard or what their uninformed buddies tell them.
They also never consider what it costs to shoot. That’s why I shoot a 30/06, .223, etc. I’d love to have a .50 cal. Barret but couldn’t afford to enjoy it even if I could buy one…


@jeffing65 I spend a lot of time on the range, doing maintenance work, setting up courses, and RSO for classes and matches.

I see it every day, that group of guys comparing guns and talking about price. They usually don’t shoot that much or that well. But they sure are proud of how much $$ they have spent!


I take my 22 to the range and rent a couple of the ones I can’t afford and then shoot the 22 all day long, even the 9 is too much for me, I only put maybe 50 to 100 rounds down range with my s2k


@Johnksg LOL It’s amazing how often that kind of attitude goes hand in hand isn’t it.
@Omnivious There is absolutely nothing wrong with a 22. I will put one of my old remington pump 22’s up against anything, except the heavy long range calibers, for a target shootout any day.


@Johnksg When I was a kid I shot a lot of trap. I have p.o.ed more than one guy, with an ump-teen thousand dollar high rib over and under, after straight up out shooting them with my remington 870 .410. They would be so mad they wouldn’t talk to me and wouldn’t shoot with me. LOL


@jeffing65 my son in law does that on the sporting clays. He shoots high 90’s using an ancient pump wingmaster with no choke, just modified cylinder against guys with $40k over unders.

Makes me smile every time they come into the club house moaning and groaning!


I don’t mean to hijack this thread from the original topic. But shooting is important to me. When I was released from the hospitals it was the only activity I could do for a long time.

There are days I hurt so bad all I can do is sit at the bench and shoot the 300yd targets. But the breathing, focus, slowing your pulse rate helps with the pain.

When I dont hurt so bad I am out with the pistol, carbine, shooting against a shot timer.

I go through about 1,000 rounds a month. Our family ammo budget is $400 per month. So cost is a factor. Years ago I streamline our collection to just a few calibers. .22, 5.56, .308, 9mm, and 12ga.

I guess my point is whatever weapon you carry, be it in your vehicle or on your person, the cost of the weapon is meaningless to the skill of the shooter!


All three of my wingmasters are the old non-choke modified cyl. barrels as well. My 410 is a light weight skeet grade, my 20 is a regular skeet and the 12 a standard wingmaster.
And cry and moan they do. Yep, it’s one of the greatest things ever. lol I’m so happy you get a smile out of it. My dad used to just love seeing those guys in a twist too.


Also, I think how much trigger time you have with any weapon can change how “accurate” the weapon is, it all really depends on the person pulling the trigger unless it’s just a completely messed up firearm


That is a true fact. I am also of the belief that a person should shoot what you have and shoot what you like.