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What Firearm Do You Keep In Your Vehicle?


Nice. Do you carry it with that light? If so, what holster do you use?


Agreed! My wife used to keep a .38 in her glove box when she was single, working in Miami. The car was broken into…

Never saw the gun again.

I do have a GunVault NanoVault 300 that fits well in the bottom of the Tahoe console. It’s bolted to the bottom of the console and the safety tether is wrapped around one of the seat mounts. We ONLY use it when we have to go into a place displaying a 30.06 sign, and only for that short time.

We don’t knowingly leave a weapon in any of our vehicles overnight.


I hate that crap. In Texas of all places. I can’t speak for anyone else, but if it were me, I’d just carry anyway. Concealed means concealed and, if I NEED it, it’s worth it. Thankfully, here in Utah, signs have no legal force beyond leave if you get made or you’re tresspassing if you don’t.


@Wedge YEA In Oregon it’s the same thing. Sign is just to let you know that they don’t like guns, no force of law, must leave if they ask.


@Wedge When you were talking about the magazine I kept looking at the guns saying “I don’t see any magazines in the gun, what is he talking about?” Then I had to use some of my Imagery Analysis training from the Army and I spotted it, good eye Scott.


Nothing worse than a wonkee V. Nice weapons too


Funny exception to that oregon law. As a private citizen/parent with a chl I can legally carry at school, but once I registered and underwent a background check I lost that right under “doe v. Medford” ruling.


My 357 Sig has its place in my Ute when on the farm have to leave it at home when go into town as we are not allowed to carry handguns in Aus


I keep a sub2k in a computer bag with an aimpoint PRO and three 32 rd happy sticks. It all fits nice and neat under truck bench seat with emergency supplies, body armor, and trauma kit.

Obviously I do not live in an urban environment were theft is a huge issue…


Sounds like you’re ready for a shtf situation


I don’t really think of it that way…

Unfortunately law enforcement response is appx 45 minutes or longer and for some reason the folks from Eugene seem to think they can be as lawless as they want in the woods and mountains.

In my younger days spent some time on SAR, learned the importance of rudimentary supplies.

As we say in my family, “an emergency is just an inconvenience for those who are prepared.”


@Johnksg I just read more than I ever wanted to about “doe v Medford” , I must have missed the part you are referencing. I don’t doubt you, I just could not find it. Not asking you to look for it , just making a comment .


Court ruling that says an employer can set “reasonable workplace rules” in this case allows schools to forbid employees who hold a valid chl from carrying a sidearm even though is defined as a public space. (Covers volunteers as well)

This is also the rationale for gov Brown 's executive order baring state employees/volunteers from possession of a weapon in state property.


“Employees, district contractors and/or their employees and district volunteers shall not possess a dangerous or deadly weapon or firearm on district property or at school- sponsored events. This prohibition includes those who may otherwise be permitted by law to carry such weapons.” ( OSBA)

Oregon courts have upheld the right of employers to set reasonable work rules, including those surrounding the carrying of weapons in the workplace, regardless of possession of a concealed handgun license ( Doe v. Medford School District 549C, 232 Or. App. 38 (2009) ).


@Johnksg Some how I missed you talking about employees, yep they loose their rights to carry. Thanks for clearing that up for me. :smiley: What part of the state are you in?


If that is the case, then Kate Brown doesn’t need armed protection for herself while at the capitol building. Did you guys @godallmighty and @Johnksg read where it was found she was using tax funds and campaign money to give a commencement speak in Colorado??? It is in the Oregon Catalyst.
The sooner she is gone, the better. :rage:


That’s such BS. Here in Utah, we can legally carry concealed or openly with a permit on school grounds and even into the buildings, both K-12 and state/public universities. I can open carry a locked and cocked 1911 into a kindergarten classroom. And, not only that, state law specifically prohibts any school district from banning or limiting that in any way. Also, by law, teachers do not have to inform their superiors if they carry concealed to avoid any retribution. When’s the last time Utah had a mass school shooting? Exactly. It works. :+1:


Sorry for the late reply, apparently as a new member I get locked out after a certain number of posts…

I am on the central Oregon coast.

What concerns me about doe v medford is that it covers volunteers. If you sit on an advisory board, volunteer at a school, participate in your community you lose your clearly defined rights as a chl holder.


Nothing is excessive IMO, if there is the possibility for a situation that requires everything you have. There is no solution to being under equipped if something goes critical.
I’m not a LEO, but I also never go anywhere without at least 1 sidearm.


I agree…to a logical extent. Weight is a crucial and often ignored factor, especially when you get older. When I think of a truck gun I am thinking of an emergency survival situation. One that requires me to leave the vehicle.

Having an 11lb rifle with another 30lbs of battle rattle just does not make sense. I have personally seen this and more in some of my student’s gear.

My challenge, to my students is take all of gear and walk around your neighbor hood for an hour. If you can do it for that long without being fatigued or having the cops called on you then you win!