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What Firearm Do You Keep In Your Vehicle?


Specific types of Vehicles make excellent targets for thieves …
A car with a locked trunk, where the gun is stored is more difficult to get access too, without spending a lot of time doing it … Thieves prefer the snatch and grab method vs taking their time and making lots of noise …
A pickup is easier prey as there is generally no why in which to lock the gun inside, other then a gun safe or an steal box in the bed …
Car that have stickers on them like “NRA” unfortunately are prime targets as well … Thieve assume that someone who is a member of the NRA also has guns , advertising that you are a gun owner is not wise …
Hiding the gun under something on the floor is a sure method to invite someone to break in, this trick has been around too long and thieves are extremely aware of people doing this, not only with guns but with other valuables as well … They look for things that appear to be hidden on the floor …
The best preventative method would be to take your gun with you and don’t leave it in the car or in your truck … Even if the sign says " NO GUNS" allowed … Which is a worse ? … you securing your weapon on your person and not obey the signs or having a thief break into your vehicle, steal it and start shooting innocent people with it including the people who but this stupid sign up to begin with ? …


No firearm lives in my vehicle permanently. My vehicle can’t use a gun to defend itself. The only time I ever leave a firearm is for very short times where being armed is a no-no like when I have to run into the post office.


And, on your person while in the car. LOL


There’s been legal precedent on a federal level stating otherwise.


I don’t intend to keep it there premanently but when I’m going somewhere, such as a courthouse where you cannot take your firearm with you unless it’s in a official capacity, I don’t like taking my shield that day because if something were to happen while I’m in the courthouse, I would rather lose a sccy or an ec9, these are obviously hypotheticals, I was just trying to find out what, if any, you take for the day or do you just go unarmed for the day?


being a resourse officer in a school , i am responsible for the lives of around 500 kids and the staff , i pack a 40 on duty and have an ar15 in my truck along with 2 more pistols and around 500 rounds and other essentials in my go bag . these are always in my truck and i go no where when off duty that i dont have at least 1 pistol on my person . i know this sounds excessive but i would rather be prepared than sorry .


your vehicle is an extension of your home in louisiana . so you can have one in you car while in a parking lot .


@katzdad1962 Thank you for being equipped to protect those kids and it does not sound excessive to me, it sounds prepared.


I do like to have mine accessible to me too but I try not to be neglegent and leave my firearms unattended, if I have to park my car at a public parking lot for a sporting event or what have you, I do like to have a firearm somewhere being that in Atlanta, they built stadiums in some seedy areas and I can’t take my firearm with me in to the sporting event, I went to the falcons game this past Sunday and the security was packing ARs, that’s the first time I saw that at a sporting event, it was the Colt LE.


It depends. In some areas (i.e. military bases) you can’t have a privately owned firearm at all on federal property, even in a parking lot, unless you jump through some serious hoops which usually involves having it checked in at the base armory. State law doesn’t trump federal law.


So this I what I carry in my car :oncoming_automobile: at any given time that is Bedouin got my sub 2000 so now I only carry … all 3 hahah :joy:


@Caster801 So, what’s that rear sight on the small Glock? Good to know some personal problems are coverd with that magazine, too. :rofl:


@Wedge :rofl: right! It’s the flip up sight by NCstar


Attention to detail, I missed it the first time around…:rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


That HAD to be done on purpose. LOL


@Wedge You are the only person that has coughs that I have tried it on like 30 people aka friends and they are all too worry about the guns they don’t even notice good eye!


I’m a pilot. EVERYTHING is in my “scan”. :+1:


So this is what I carry in my car before I got my sub 2000 is the closes to a 9mm carbine I could get with out a 9mm carbine lol :joy:

RLP SUB2000 Gen 2 Forend CONTEST!

@Wedge Thank you for your service! Really brotha I really appreciate what you guys do


Sometimes I do carry this one ! Is a sig P227 Tacops Elite image|375x500