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What Firearm Do You Keep In Your Vehicle?


I am pretty sure I’m getting an LC9 for my glove box as my back up in my vehicle, what do you keep in yours and why? My reason for my choice is that Ruger is a company I trust and as far as I know, they stand by their products, and the LC9s are very affordable so if something were to happen to it, it won’t be a big loss.


@Omnivious Just picked up my brand new LC9s Pro. Going to try it on Friday and will tell you how it shoots. The trigger feels about 4 or 4.5 pounds with no stacking and smooth as silk. :crossed_fingers: I know that I should have fired it before I bought it , but it felt so good


Lol, I just asked you the question you just answered here on the other topic you posted the picture on…lmao


@omnivious I think we just did it again :smiley:


My carry gun in a SR 9. It has a Galloway trigger kit and recoil spring. I had a lc9 but never liked it. Too smal for my big hands.


i don’t keep any firearms in our vehicles - there are too many vehicle burglaries and gun thefts in our county - i guess if i did it would be one of the P-32s i’ve scrounged from local pawn shops for $100 or so

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Vehicle burglaries? Sounds like more of a reason to keep one in the car…:wink:


well, i guess if i lived in my car… otherwise, no, 'round these parts keeping a gun in a vehicle overnight is not a good idea in my mind…


on the Gulf of Mexico


As a cop in a metro area, yeah guns in cars are bad, unless they’re very well secured. Pick ups are especially targeted looking for guns. Carry on body, more secure and more accessible.

Now, if you live in the country and have a truck rifle or something, that’s kinda a different story.


My view on this is skewed because of my recent former profession as a bail bondsman. In Nevada, I can have a loaded firearm in the car. If I drive to the store and go in, my first quandary is leaving the gun in the car while I shop. Ain’t happening.

If that gun were somehow used, fired from the car, at a car, on or near a roadway, stemming from some driving altercation or almost any reason, without gobs of evidence, witnesses and video to the contrary, that sounds like road rage. I bet large stacks :dollar: there will be a conversation with a bail bondsman in the near future.

The old adage ‘rather be judged by 12 than carried by six’ vastly understates other potentially life changing possibilities, such as ‘death by ruinination defending against criminal charges’.:dizzy_face:


@linux_author I agree, way to many vehicle break-ins to take that chance of loosing that firearm. If it’s not locked in a box bolted down in the trunk then it’s gone. They will take anything they can grab quickly even if they don’t need/want it.


I have a Lock’er Down console safe in my truck so I can lock my pistol up when I visit places where I can’t take it inside, e.g., Post Office, etc. I still don’t leave a firearm in my truck overnight.

Here’s a link to the Lock’er Down web site



Presently, my M&P m2.0 9mm.

@VAbowhunter … Please be discreet on postal property - locked away in your vehicle is still illegal. We cannot take firearms onto postal property.


Roger that, mea culpa. I was only using that as an example and clearly didn’t consider all aspects. Thanks for the guidance.


Growing up a person could leave guns, keys, or anything else in a car without worry. And until more recent years out in the country was still safe. Now theft and other more serious crime is everywhere, even out on remote ranches and properties. Now nothing is safe unsecured and nowhere is totally safe in general.
With the exception of federal bldg s, post office, schools. etc I don’t go anywhere unarmed anymore.
I carry my snub nose 38 for everyday and my star 40 cal. out in the bush.


@jeffing65 where and when I was a young lad lots of people had rear window rifle racks in their trucks. My how times have changed. Here in Jacksonville since the start of 2018, 337 firearms have been stolen from vehicles. Almost 2 a day. That means there are 337 A$$holes walking around with stolen guns and bad intentions. Never let your gaurd down.


@Flogrown @ 337 chances to look up or turn around and be staring at one of those people or one of those guns.
Everyone here had a rear window rack too. Now if you see one at all, it is used for fishing poles.

Isn’t it illegal in some places now, to have firearms visible in a window like that, if they are unattended?


@jeffing65 if it isn’t it ought to be. I won’t even put a firearm related sticker on my truck. I look at a Glock or whatever sticker as a bullseye.


I dont put stickers of any kind on my vehicles. It is just something to draw attention and be more easily remembered. I try not to draw attention to myself and prefer to go as unnoticed as possible.


Not if you are not in the vehicle, but left the gun there for someone to steal