What everyone does and what states are they from

@SnuffySmiff i was also born in downtown Atlanta. The area you live now is a beautiful place. I have taken many vacations there on the lake.


Spent time in Helen several times to ride the mountain twisties on my murdercycle. Beautiful area.


I really hate to say this but a rider met his end on the mountain a few miles north of Helen last Sunday. We were headed down to Emory to see Cathy and at the top of the mountain where the Appalachian trail crosses Hwy 76, a Life Flight chopper sat there in the parking area with the engine off. I figured it was a bad sign… About a mile or two down the other side, everything came to a stop. Two ambulances came back north as we sat there with only lights on and taking their time. After a little over an hour, I turned the car around and came back home. Haven’t found out any other info as of yet.


Very sad and unfortunately these days it happens too often.


I love that remark :+1:


I’m a gate guard for the state of Idaho. My job is to screen “COW’s” – Left wing Californians, Oregonians, and Washingtonians at one of our controlled entry points. It’s a tough job. The bastards are still sneaking in on kayaks , bicycles and on dirt roads driving Subaru’s. Some of them are actually walking but you can ID their Birkenstock tracks on the trails along with an occasional granola wrapper.


Actually, I do live in North Idaho and am a retired LEO/Firearms examiner/military. Currently am contracted to do wound ballistic workshops to PD’s, for a major ammo maker. Was planning to retire form that but may wait until the current administration leaves office so I can afford to retire.


@Taj, I think your job of screening “COW’s” is a much more important job. Had a good laugh from that one. The state of Texas may have a job opening for you if you ever decide to move this way.



Thanks Brother. If I actually am ever able to retire from my current position, I may rent myself out. I work pretty cheap. A hamburger and a beer a day will usually keep me going. They do give a bonus of a box of .45 ball for everyone one I catch. Texas folks are pretty good people. We let them in as long as they bring their own MRE’s and a belt fed. :smiley:


I like that place!!
Larry :innocent:


Born and raised in Ohio. Army dropped me off in Texas in 1991 and I stayed. Was a probation officer for 23 years and retired in 2020. Currently a martial arts instructor for the Chuck Norris Kickstart Kids Program at a local school district. Instruct 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.