What Does Pet Ownership Mean To You?


Another one of my favorite ‘pet’ moments! Big smiles! This is my 'Big Boy, Wolfie… He is quite the ‘tool faggot’ like his father??? :grinning:


The pair of German Shorthair Pointers I used to have. Galileo on the left and Copernicus (Bernie to all his friends LOL) on the right.



My first wife had a pointer! It was the first ‘dog’ that had given me a challenge after owning a few wolf hybrids and a german shepherd.


@lonewolf These two were the most incredible pair. They were the 2 males out of a litter of 7. I got them when they were 3 months old and they spent their entire lives together. As I mentioned in one of the early posts of this thread, I got them at age 29 and they were my finest friends for over 1/3 of my entire life. Bernie died when he was 12 and Galileo was just shy of 16 when I had to have him put to sleep.



It is very tough to lose family members! All one can do is remember those special times that we have shared.


@jeffing65 I hunted over my Brothers German Shorthair and our black labs,
The (Pointer) had the Hardest and Highest Launch in the water Retrieves I’ve
ever seen, talk about flying dogs’:grin:


@DivaMarie LOL I believe it. They are a high energy dogs. It’s funny how different the two were for being brothers. (both in build and personality) Galileo was about 90 lbs, slim, sleek and rock solid. He never walked anywhere. He skipped, trotted or ran everywhere.
Bernie was more laid back and had a sense of humor. At 109 lbs, with a big square head and built like a barrel, he could push aside or bulldoze through anything.
He would always make a big affair of getting up on the bed or jumping in the truck, to get you to boosted him up. It wasn’t because he couldn’t do it though.

One time we were out at my grandparents, and he was tired of being there and wanted to go. At that time I still had my Jeep CJ7 hardtop, and he had been sitting by the drivers door for quite a few minutes, when he apparently got tired of waiting. The window was down, and what a YouTube shot it would have been. Just as both my mom and I looked that way he jumped from a completely relaxed, sitting position, up and through the open window, landing in the seat, never touching the door or steering wheel, and sat down. LOL


Continuing the discussion from What Does Pet Ownership Mean To You?: Sachmo’ was a stray found in down Seattle, when he first started playing with the big boys and water he’d Tip Toe to Edge and put a paw in and have to really think about it and If he really wanted to play this game ! Slowly but surely he would get in,Not Real happy about’ Lasted for about a week then the Competition thing set in,cant be out done by my lab brothers,:grinning:
He would launch 10 ft plus before he hit the water,and was a faster swimmer than both by the end Highly Impressive.


@DivaMarie LOL That’s awesome. They are the “not to be out done” type.


like losing a child jeff @jeffing65


Unconditional love! :slight_smile:



Meet Maximilian. We rescued this Pit Boxer mix in March of 18. I never wanted a Pit because the media made me terrified of them. What a complete idiot I was. Hands down the most loyal and loving dog I’ve ever owned. 70 lbs now and still thinks he’s a lap dog.


@Jperr Thank you for rescuing him Joseph, it looks like he has found his forever home.


That he has. He’s never given us a reason to lament a very spur of the moment decision. He was found running the streets of Philadelphia. His fate could have been much worse.


@Jperr Nice Job’ You have made a great choice of a family dog and Companion! How could you be afraid of a dog that runs up to you Smiling! A true habit of the breed.
Enjoy and Oh yea their Bed Hog’s Too’


It means about as much as being “blessed” with children-since I never wuz blessed with any ‘hooman’ ones! And the only real complaint I could voice is that they just can’t seem to hang around nearly as long as we’d want them to…


@DivaMarie, yes he is a bed hog. I was afraid, I’m ashamed to say, because of ignorance and media bias. I always thought I was a little smarter than that. But obviously I wasn’t. But at least I learned. It makes me think about the whole anti gun bunch and the media web that THEY are also caught in. I guess we have to do our part and educate, educate, and educate some more.


Pitbulls are not bad dogs. Bad PEOPLE make them bad. Nice brindle coat.


Love the brindle coat. My mastiff is a brindle as well



I always was fond of the ‘brindle’ coloring and had owned a few brindle color pets of my own. I had raised a ‘brindle’ chow/mix of my own. I had taken a chance on the breed mix. I did not have the luck that you had and had to worry about ‘strangers’ that were invited to our home! We have always maintained an ‘animal friendly home,’ so it is not likely that we had raised a ‘rogue’ pet??? He passed away ‘young,’ only crediting Billy Joel’s hit, ‘Only the good die young…’ I guess that is how we try to remember our pet.