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What Does Pet Ownership Mean To You?


Having a good pet reminds me there is still something good in this world. My dog is my most trusted, loyal companion. No matter how bad things get, my dog is always there to lift me up.



I grew up with a hybrid wolf and a couple of shepherds. They meant everything to me. After my 1st marriage, I became a nomad/gypsy, if I may? I lost my ‘support system!’ Of course after a ‘few years gone by,’ it’s my wife and 3 cats… Big smiles!


@Texprep Always that unfailing thing that is unique.


i hear ya mate and they always seem to know when you need that lift @Texprep


No, he won’t be there one day and that’s the sad thing. Sorry to be a downer, but I just went through this.


Never leave home without a retriever and a Glock 43.


I understand I will probably out live my dog, but while he is here we will be there for eachother. This is my 3rd lab in the last 30+ years. It my sound a lititle morbid, but the last was cremated after he died, this one will be too. The urns will be buried with me when I die, they will always be by my side. That is if my heirs want their inheritance.


Sorry for the loss of your companion. I may be a little weird, but the loss of a pet seems to hit me harder than the loss of persons.


We had our first retriever cremated and it’s on my wife’s office desk. They often don’t live very long because of cancer but we will always have one in our family.


I absolutely understand that completely. Not weird at all to me.


this is Varnell, an Abyssinian (he’s named after Varnell, Ga.)

on the Gulf of Mexico



I would love an Abyssinian! They are a cool breed!!!


sorry to hear that thats the thing they end up being part of the family and when they go the feeling of grief is the same as losing a human member time will heal but they will never be forgotten @Wedge