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What Does Pet Ownership Mean To You?


Pet ownership is a fascinating topic, wouldn’t one agree.

I own (3) cats and they each have their own personality. I may come home many times in ‘flustered state’ and my attitude suddenly calms because my animals greet me with LOVE…

What animals do you own and how do they help you through your days?


To me, it means a life long commitment. I made that promise to them the second we took them home. We have five rescue cats and they’re the best furry friends. :+1:


And I thought that I was the only CATMAN?

When I was growing up, my father didn’t like cats at all… He was a tough man! May a ‘rebellion’ builds up when one grows up? I just knew that I was destined for cat ownership when I got on my own! I like their independent natures.


Except for a few years here and there when I was in the Navy, I’ve always had at last one cat my entire life.


Same here in my ‘walk of life.’ I just moved around quite a bit for awhile, backpacking across America, one might say? A ‘gypsy’ I have been called by my own family (both mom and dad.)

They were divorced when I was young but had the same mentality, I guess?



Made me think “been blessed with a gypsy bone”


I have ‘settled’ in my place for almost 12 years allowing me the privilidge to own animals. For those on the go, I wish them ‘inner peace…’


Although I am a dog person, the cats are the same for you. My dogs were my friends, my family, and my equals. They had the responsibility of acceptable behavior, and with that, all the same rights and privileges as you and I.

The quality of a persons life is better in every definable way, especially over the majority of a lifetime.

I got a pair of 3 month old German Short Hair Pointers in 1994. I was 29. They were never apart and lived with me hunting, fishing, camping, etc. and when there wasn’t anything going on they laid in the back yard or lounged on my parents couch.
Bernie lived 12 years and Galileo was just short of 16. I was 45. I had them for nearly 1/3 of my entire life.
I can’t imagine living that part of my life without them.
@lonewolf I have always believed a person could never experience a complete life without the privilege of a pet.


I have quite a few pets. 1 Mastiff, 3 indoor cats, 1 outdoor cat that adopted us 9 years ago as well as 6 chickens, for their eggs of course. Love them all. They bring unbridled love and sure know when you’re down and can make everything better.
This our girl Maizie Blue


Heres Maizie with Lord Stanley, and second pic with Tommy Hawk. All curled up together. They get along great which makes life easier.


And a pic of a few of the chickens. Older pic but still have the same girls.


We have one of those, too. Well, it’s Mazy and she’s a little ginger cat. :smiley:

Here she is chillin’ after she just got fixed.


i have 2 cats my self but 1 is a little friendly the other is a no go near one both outside all the time but its nice to have around 1 dog and its true there mans best friend he is a good guard dog and hes very loyal but he does ignore me a lot he,s good at football and ya can have a bit of fun with him his favourate toy[s] are builders helmets he gone through 3 of them this year


The builder’s helmet is ‘cheaper’ than him chewing through your boots? Guess ya have to buy him helmets for chew toys???


dont but them pick some up here and there and he has chewed the boots when he was younger


fluent MAOW is spoken round here, Vegas is a talker, you dont answer, it gets louder and more frequent till you do…pirate cat is the gun nut, always bombing in. Dumptster, long story behind him. came home from school with youngun, high school. she dove in the dumpster after him. lil striped kitten that turned into a 18lb tomcat. gotta get some grown pics of him…


Cats and dogs are different, that’s for sure. I’ve had cats, but I prefer dogs. Here is a slideshow that helps us understand how cats and dogs are different.

It is a slideshow, so download it and open it. When it opens just click on it and it will run automatically. Enjoy.


and canna forget girlchilds dog, helicopter tail an all, Rico. 1/2 chihuahua/1/2 Jack Russel. lil muscular hound built on springs. when Girlchild and i start a howl, Rico always chimes in…

, Rico speaks fluent cat as well, and I swear shes having a interspecies romance with the big Tom…


heres one of my cats and notice a couple of sets of antlers in back round and warning sign on window




Now that is a beautiful ’ Big Boy?’