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What Do You Get For Your $$ From The S&W Performance Center?


Hi all! Did you ever wonder just what you get when you fork over the extra dough for a PC firearm? In this video, I tried to answer that question. Be sure to let me know any thoughts or comments you might have!



I recently purchased a P.C. SW-22. Victory 22LR Handgun. I own two other SW-22’s that I customized. The P.C. version had the feed ramp polished, fluted barrel, the trigger was a little smoother (then the non P.C. version) & has an over travel screw. It also has a decent soft case w/the P.C. vase It did come with an excellent Tandemkross rubber grips. I still ended up replacing the trigger & the hammer. To me it wasn’t worth the extra $250.


I think a lot of the decision depends upon precisely which PC firearms you are looking at. I think you get more for your money with some than with others.



@hrfunk (Howard)

I totally agree with your comment! Although, overall, I am a big fan of the Performance Center line of S&W guns.


I personally am a HUGE fan of ‘any’ performance centers because they listen to what customers ‘want’ in a performance gun… However, the true question remains if the modification is worth the ‘price tag’ spent? Personally, I can perform my own modification to meet/exceed a ‘quality’ firearm. As long as it is ‘functional,’ does it have to be a magnificent piece of artillery? That is where one decides to be a (do it for yourself.) or a (do it for me) individual… Hence, a new gunsmith is born!


What you don’t get is a self appointed “gunsmith” who is slapping pretty parts on a gun. You get top level craftsman who are hand tuning and hand fitting the parts. These guys are like watchmakers and have the talent and tools to create a final product far beyond the capabilities of any backyard mechanic I ever met.


only interested in the revolvers, but not those with Clinton locks…

on the Gulf of Mexico


I only own one. This is not by design, it just so happened the Smith 500 I was looking at came from the performance center. They did an incredible job on this firearm. The trigger pull, fit and finish all around was like no other weapon I own.


It’s kind of amazing the response this video has received on some other forums. My experience with Performance Center firearms has been similar to yours, but there quite a few shooters out there who are very vocal in their displeasure with the various PC offerings.



@hrfunk … regarding the surprise response: I had not commented because I do not own a SWPC example. But I’m guessing other forums criticize the PC as a polish and pretty center. I guess this based on my opinion of the features they selected to tune my gf’s 9mm PC Shield. They ported the barrel and slide and added fiber optic sights. Then they left the garbage trigger exactly as they deliver the non PC versions. These decisions have led me to regard SWPC as a marketing driven v. craftsmen driven shop.

Porting a subcompact carry piece makes very little sense to me. Trit or fiber/trit sight would be a more expected sight upgrade. I expect the chances of it being dark if she ever needed to use the pistol for it’s only job is over 90%. The freaks come out at night and fiber optic adds nothing in the dark.

My wheel guns are Colt and Dan Wesson. Maybe that is just what they think us autoloader guys need. If so, they shoulda asked a few.


Point taken! In the end, they are going to build whatever they think will produce more sales and make more money. That is based one what they see their customers “wanting.” Every business on the planet does some version of the same thing. As I mentioned in the video, it is up to the consumer to decide whether the specific features justify the added cost. Speaking for myself alone, the PC firearms I own have been worth the higher price. As you pointed out, not everyone can make such an assertion. I was always a bit underwhelmed by the PC version of the Shield. It just didn’t seem like it offered much over and above the standard model. My PC 629, on the other hand, rivals a fully customized revolver that might have been turned out by any of the big-name gunsmiths in the country. Thanks for the comment!



Sending a bargain basement Shield through the performance Center is kind of like putting pearl earrings on a pig. Not exactly the platform for which the Performance Center was originally intended.


I have two. A 627-2 8 shot .357 which was one of the first of the Performance Center models. It is wearing an older red dot sight. I also have a 327 R8 wearing a SIG Romeo 4S. Both are scarily accurate with the red dots. The older 627 has digested a lot of ammo with no signs of wear or degradation. I really like the 327 better than the 627 as it has the Scandium frame and is noticeably lighter than the 627.

I got the 327 R8 used and for a very good price. They are out there on the used market if you look and can be really worthwhile bargains then.


I’ve always been interested in the 327 R8. Unfortunately, it’s another one of those firearms for which I’ve never had the proper confluence of purchasing opportunity and available funds to all me to add it to my collection. Thanks for the comment!