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What distance do you sight your PC red dot in?

Okay, most people I know sight an AR 5.56 with a red dot in zeroed at 50yd.s which means it will shoot around 2-2.5 inches low at 10 yd.s .
I just picked up a 10mm 1095 Hi Point and was wondering if anyone else had one with a red dot and what distance do they have it sighted in for?
I’m mounting a Swampfox Liberator on a 45 degree offset and I’m curious if it will be accurate at 100yd.s I just shot it with the factory sights at 100 and was able to hit a torso target but the group left something to be desired!


When i had my hi point 9mm carbine i sighted red dot at 50 yards and you could get 5 shots touching with breath in between shots. I used it with that red dot to take several whitetail deer between 30 and 60 or so yards.


50 yards as well. Zeroed my cz scorpion with a holosun green dot and shoots lasers.


@Grumpyolman hey Paul I usually site most of my red dots in at 36 yards for personal defense here’s a video explaining why Vigilance Elite - Spec Ops Dude's Favorite Combat Rifle Zero - YouTube
The 36 Yard Zero – Vigilance Elite


My old eyes won’t be shooting 300 yd.s with a red dot but appreciate the info. 50 to 200 is my usual max. We also shoot indoor drills from 3 to 15 yd.s. I find having the circle around the dot extremely helpful as it draws my eye in quickly and helps judging how high to aim under pressure.


The 36-yard zero is brilliant for 55 grain 5.56, so thanks for posting that.
But it would probably not be very good for 10mm or other PC calibers.
I think the more traditional 50-yard zero would be the way to go here.


I pretty much only use my PCCs for IDPA and USPSA.
The AVERAGE target distance is 15 yards, so I’m zeroed at 15 yards, but have shot it from 3-100 yards so I know where to hold over/under.
My ARs are zeroed at 50, which puts them dead on, with my load at 200 yards. I’ve also shot my Ars from 3-600 yards, so I know where to hold over/under


With my Romeo 5, I zero at 25 yards on a Ruger pcc 9mm. just a slight adjust at 50… I if I shoot past 50 ,I use a “Real” scope…LOL :sunglasses:


Same set up on my ruger PC 9. One of my favorites to shoot

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