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What Binoculars Do You Use?

I picked up this Bushnell Sentry, 18-36x50mm spotting scope and window mount in a trade a couple weeks ago.
I have never really been a big fan of spotting scopes and as for Bushnell, I’m not a fan of any kind.
But still, I only had about 40-50 bucks worth in the trade. And it was already misc trade bits, so I really had nothing in the stuff I traded.
At the very least, it works fine up to 100-125 yds, as a target spotter. And when I drop it on some rocks, run it over, or the most likely, it goes to crap because its a “Bu*^$#*%n#ll”, I wont be upset at all. LOL
I’m happy with the swap already.:rofl:


I use a cheapo Wal Mart 10X Bushnell I picked up 20 years ago. They work. I really want a good quality Monocular as I am legally blind in one eye, and I can’t use half of the damn Bino anyways.


@Squidder_K I think Bushnell was better 20+ years ago. Growing up we had several Bushnell’s, both the rubberized and standard, in 2 or 3 different magnifications. They held up and performed for quite a few years without a hitch. Their newer stuff I haven’t had the same experience with so much.

Two of my choices that fall into a good cost/quality area would be Leopold and Nikon.
I use Leopold’s now but I have had 2 pair of Nikon Lookout ll’s and I give them 5 stars.
(gave both pair away as gifts. one to a niece and one to a neighbor boy that earned them for just being a really decent kid. Should have kept 1 or bought 3 lol)
They had good quality optics and coatings that couldnt be beat for the 250.00 they cost in the 90’s.


I just scored a deal at the local Big 5, for a set of vortex 10x28, very clear glass.


@Squidder_K Nice. How do you like the lower magnification? I had an old pair of tasco 10x28 or 10x30’s when I was a kid that were really decent.


Love the Vortex, I have used it for a Lunar Eclipse, spotting birds and other game, very clear glass compared to el cheapo mart 20 year old bino’s. For the price point ($100) well worth money.