What Are You Watching?

Just bought a used DVD box-set with all the Monty Python Flying Circus episodes.

What a classic!!
Sharing the best sketches with our 16 and 17 yr/old sons. They are loving it. :rofl:

That after we ran out of Terminal List episodes :confused:


Watched a movie yesterday on Netflix called Interceptor. Wasn’t expecting much but found it entertaining.

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I finished up the complete series of Warehouse 13. Pretty good , it did get a little stupid in the last few episode but overall a enjoyable show.

Last night I started the complete series of Deadwood. After the first two shows Nancy was done. She didn’t care for the language it’s pretty nasty. At least she made two shows.

When I tried to get her to watch the complete set of the Tremors movies she stopped halfway through the first movie and went to another TV. :rofl:

Me on the other hand thought is was stupid funny and got a kick out of it.

So I’ll be watching that by myself :rofl: :rofl:

Meanwhile ironically I just today received the complete series of Sliders. I had ordered
SO we will start that tonight. :grinning:




Just watched PREY the new predator film was really good.